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How To Find The Time To Prospect

Posted November 27, 2017

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Sometimes, finding the time to prospect is a challenge and a half!

You have clients who need attention, fires to put out, administrative tasks, meetings etc.

How can you possibly find the time to hunt under those circumstances?

Here are a few things you can do to get and keep prospecting on your calendar;

Embrace A “10 Before 10” Mindset: Whether you do it daily, twice a week, etc, commit to making 10 calls before 10 am. If you do this daily, you’ll have 2500 calls under your belt by this time next year.

Think In 25 Minute Increments: The “Pomodoro Technique” is a really cool approach where we set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on one task. The key to kicking ass with this technique, is to only focus on the task at hand. So if you’re making calls, only make calls. Don’t check email, don’t check your phone, don’t take inbound calls, no chit chatting with co-workers etc.

The other thing that makes this a powerful prospecting technique is that you’re more likely to prospect 25 minutes vs trying to find the time to prospect for a few hours. You can still prospect for a few hours but, you’ll be doing it 25 minutes at a time which is much easier to do.

Leverage The Power Of “2,2,2”: Every morning, while you’re having that first cup of coffee, send out 2 emails to 2 people you’d like to do business with. Once you do that, send out 2 pieces of snail mail, to 2 people you’d like to do business with. Later that day, call 2 people you’d like to do business with. Do this daily and you have attempted to reach 6 people. Weekly, 30. Yearly, 1500.

As a bonus, you’ll work your prospecting muscles daily!

The key to getting and keeping prospecting on your calendar is to respect it like you would an appointment with a client.

Would you blow off an appointment with a client? Why does everyone else get that level of respect while you break appointments for yourself?

Maybe it’s time to change that type of thinking?

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