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How To Monitor Your Prospects and Competitors On LinkedIn

Posted July 30, 2019

There’s a feature on LinkedIn that sales people need to pounce on immediately.

It’s been around for a while and yet;

Most people miss it completely.

It’s the “Follow” option and its about to become your new best friend!

Let’s say you want to approach John Jones at the ACME Widget Company.

I’m hoping as part of your pre-call planning research you’d pay a visit to their LinkedIn profile via the LinkedIn app.

While your there, click on the 3 dots at the top of the profile to the right (see photo below)

Once you click the 3 dots, you’ll see a few options. Select “Follow”.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to monitor their status updates.

Yep, you don’t have to be connected with someone on LinkedIn to monitor their updates.

Those updates might contain important clues for you.

Those updates might give you an entree.

Those updates might give you an opportunity to chime in and demonstrate your expertise.

Those updates might offer an opportunity for you to warm up that cold call!

Social Listening is the by far the closest thing you can do to monitor your potential client;

WITHOUT bugging their office!

And it only takes an extra second to do since you’re already looking at their profile.

You should do this whenever you send someone an invite too.

This way you can still see their activity regardless of whether or not they accept your invite.

You can obviously use this approach to keep tabs on your competitors too!

It’s basically a “set it and forget it” way of social listening and;

I don’t know about you, but I always appreciate it when information comes to me instead of me having to keep clicking on profiles.

We talk more about this (and what you should be listening for) during our Prospecting Download.

Have you had a look at it yet?

It combines cold calling, email, and LinkedIn to help you get in front of MORE opportunities.

It includes suggested call and voicemail scripts, email templates, and a LinkedIn communication plan that also includes templates.

Here’s what I have planned for you;  

Session 1 Cold Calling

  • 30 ways to find potential clients who have a higher probability of needing what you sell TODAY.  
  •  How to research quickly and efficiently so it doesn’t become your life’s work.  
  • 33 ways to approach a potential client. 
  •   Creating a prospecting cadence that maximizes exposure while limiting something experts refer to as “Becoming a pain in the ass”.  

Session 2 Cold Calling  

  • How to craft an objection resistant dialogue that gets their attention from “Hello”. I’m also going to send you a template you can IMMEDIATELY apply.  
  • How to proactively prevent skepticism, doubt, resistance and I might as well say it, OBJECTIONS!  
  •  A 3 step formula for responding to 95% of the objections you get on a regular basis. 
  •   A simple formula to generate, at least, 3 new phone appointments, each week!  
  • 4 types of voice mails that will capture the recipient’s attention. I’m also going to send you the templates. 

Session 3 Email

  • 4 ways to get email addresses WITHOUT spending a dime on email lists. 
  • 50 different types of emails that I’m personally using to get results for my business. Oh, and I’m also going to send you the templates! 
  • 12 subject line mistakes that you need to avoid. Keep making them and you’re hosed!  
  • 12 BETTER subject lines that get your email read. 
  •  12 ways to head off skepticism, doubt and objections. 
  •  One EPIC mistake, just about every sales rep makes, in the first 3 sentences of an email.  
  • A really simple, 4 step messaging framework that gets results. 
  •  2 Psychological techniques that work like a charm! 
  •  How to dramatically increase your response rate 

Session 4 LinkedIn

  • What to say and do, from the moment, you connect with someone. And I’m going to give you the exact templates that I’ve been using!
  • How to position yourself apart from your competition.
  • How to provide value WITHOUT conditioning a bunch of freeloaders who love to “friendzone” you! 
  • How to create a referral machine . . .Even with people who’ve never bought from you!
  • How to IMMEDIATELY increase your phone appointments each week. Note: My coaching clients average 10 more appointments each week. Your mileage may vary.
  • How to dramatically increase your response rates via LinkedIn.
  • How to approach someone without coming across as salesy. How do you feel when this happens to you on LinkedIn?
  • How to do this all on a tight schedule.

Go at your own pace!  

Review each session in its entirety or break each session up into smaller increments. Binge watch them back to back. I won’t tell anyone! 


Download it now. Work on the modules at your leisure.

Here’s What You’ll Get;  

(4) 90 minute Pre-Recorded Sessions (with over 100 ACTIONABLE ideas to help improve your prospecting efforts!) 

(4) Sets of Worksheets.

(1) Opening Statement Template

(1) Objection Buster PDF

(4) Voicemail Templates

(35) Cold Email Templates

(15) LinkedIn Templates

(1) Bonus E-Book  

Access To Secret Resource Page With Bonus Content, PDFs, Etc.  

What’s The Investment?  


This program is only available until August 30th at 5:00 PM EST!

Click HERE or the button below to download this training today!

… and never miss a beat!
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