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How To Strengthen Your Prospecting Muscles During A Pandemic

Posted May 6, 2020

In an ideal world, you and I would call a potential client and they would gladly agree to meet with us.

In the REAL world, potential clients utilize stalls (“Call me back next month” “Send me your info” etc) as well as objections.

Here are 4 ways to get better at AVOIDING objections as well as OVERCOMING them;

#1 Awareness is always the first step. Tape your end of your outbound calls and later that day, review your “game” tape.

Pay attention to WHAT you are saying as well as HOW you are saying it immediately BEFORE you get hit with your objections.

Then review WHAT you are saying as well as HOW you are saying it immediately AFTER your objections.

How are you responding?

Do your rebuttals typically result in your potential client granting the appointment?

In both scenarios (Before and after the objection), make any necessary “Notes to self” so that you can tweak things during your next calling session.

Note: This is EXACTLY what all the best sports teams do. They review their game tape and flag areas for improvement.

Sales Managers: What if you had each of your reps send you their “game tape” prior to your next sales meeting and you randomly selected 1 or more for a team review?

#2 Step Back and Craft 3 Responses. If you want to get really good at something, then train to handle scenarios that are TOUGHER than reality.

How do you do that with Phone Objections? Try coming up with 3, really kick-ass responses for each of your typical objections/stalls.

Do you have compelling reasons for prospects to grant you an appointment during Covid-19?

#3 Continue To Train TOUGHER Than Reality. Ask a coworker, a friend, another sales professional from your LinkedIn network to be your “sparring partner” once a week.

Sales Managers: Pair each member of your sales team with a “sparring partner” and;

In just 5 minutes, you can call your sparring partner, say whatever it is you would say and then their job is to pepper you with objections.

Your job is to give them 3 responses to ANY phone objection they hit you with. Then return the favor.

Want To Kick This Up A Notch? Use a FREE service like Uber Conference and tape your sparring session. Review the “game tape” later for additional learning opportunities.

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