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How To Use Random Acts Of Coolness To Competitor Proof Your Business

Posted April 18, 2016

Everybody and their mother loves to tell us that we need to create value and differentiate but . . .

How does one do that?

Can you say “Random Acts Of Coolness”?

A random act of coolness is just that, something random, something unexpected and something that can “out cool” your competitors.

Strap in folks . . . I have mucho examples to share with you!

When I arrived at the Omni Hotel in San Francisco, there was a knock at my door and low and behold, there was this woman delivering a way cool “welcome snack” A chocolate covered pretzel and a cold bottle of water.

Totally unexpected and mighty cool!

Note: Not as cool as if they had brought me a “Welcome Shot Of Tequila” but a chocolate covered pretzel is always a close second in my book!

When you do your first mailing campaign with MailChimp, they sent you this email and a T-Shirt congratulating you.

Time Out!

What are you doing to welcome your new clients?

Could you send them some kind of cool welcome kit?

How about a giant cookie that reads “Thanks for letting us take a bite out of your business!”?

How about personalizing some really cool ice cream?

AWeber sent me this thank you card  after helping me trouble shoot a challenge with one of my lists.

Embassy Suites surprised me and made me the “Guest Of The Day” during one of my visits. Here’s what was waiting for me in my room.

In that handy/dandy gift bag, there were a few candy bars, some popcorn and 2 bottles of water.

Time Out!

Are you surprising your customers?

Audible sent me a gift certificate for our one year anniversary. I felt like crap because I forgot to get them something but then again, they made like several ten’s of millions of dollars more than me last year. Probably because they are embracing that “Random Acts Of Coolness” thing!

PSPrint upgraded my order back in December, at no charge . . . just because. Just because why? Just because they’re working their “Random Acts Of Coolness” thang!

I buy my monogrammed French Cuff shirts from Paul Frederick. Why? Not only do I love their shirts, I love their dedication to “random acts of coolness”, like when they surprised me by including a free silk tie with one of my orders.

How about a random act of coolness as part of an apology to a client? 

That’s what they did at Disney when they forgot to bring my son’s lemonade.

After apologizing profusely, the server brought my son an entire pitcher of lemonade (complete with glow cubes and funky straws)

How about a random act of coolness for your team?

Fant Smith gives out Starbucks cards to his teammates.

Rachel Napi takes a different teammate out to lunch each week

I handed out lottery tickets to my team when I worked for a company that made us work on Christmas Eve one year. I had fun with it and told them that if anyone gets rich they can tell corporate to kiss their a$$.

So there you have it . . . several examples how you can differentiate, add value and most of all . . .

Out Cool your competitors!

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