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In Pursuit Of The Jerry MaGuire Hug

Posted December 6, 2011

Do you remember the ending of Jerry MaGuire when Jerry and his client hug?

They were both equally happy about a multi million dollar NFL contract Jerry put together on behalf of his client.

When you travel the road Jerry and his client traveled, and you come through at that level, you’ve ascended above a commission check . . . you’ve become “hug worthy”

It’s my humble opinion, that when we get to that level, we have competitor proofed our business.

Here are a few thoughts to help you become more “hug worthy”

1) You Need To Get Results For Your Client! I know “Duh Paul” but riddle me this dude, when was the last time you asked your client what a kick ass result would look like? Most people ask this question once during a poorly executed needs analysis . . . never to ask it again. From there they live the charade of assumptions.

2)    You Need To Genuinely Care About Your Client! Nuff Said!

3)    You Have To Be Willing To Move Heaven And Earth For Them. Sometimes this may only be true when it’s the end of the month. Doing it because you love your client and because it’s the right thing to do creates a totally different vibe!

4)    You Need To Make Your Client Look Like A Rock Star! Let’s try and remember that we all could use a little good press. When was the last time you came to your client with a proactive idea or resource? Exceeding expectations with delivery dates, rush jobs, etc go a long way too!

5)    You Need To Surprise Your Clients! Just like with any other relationship, you need to do things . . . just because. Audible sent me a gift certificate for my one year anniversary with them. Do you acknowledge anniversaries? Paul Fredric tossed in a free tie with some French cuff shirts I ordered. Completely unexpected . . . hence the word “surprise”.

I’d like to point something else out to you . . .

There was a point in Jerry MaGuire where Jerry had to set his client straight because his client was all about the money and lost his love for the game.

Too many times . . . this is the sales rep . . .

Getting way too caught up in an overdose of “Show Me The Money!”

That leads me to me to ponder . . .

If at the core of becoming more “hug worthy” there needs to be a genuine love and passion for what we are doing and who we are doing it for?

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