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Is This A Valuable Selling Tool?

Posted October 8, 2018

This time of year, we need EVERY resource at our disposal in order to get our deals across the finish line;

BEFORE year end!

There’s one tool you’re practically tripping over and it’s been there your whole life!

It’s called “storytelling” and I believe the average sales rep underestimates the power it wields!

A great story creates emotions. We need those emotions to keep a sale moving forward.

A great story educates. Our prospects need guidance to ensure they’re making the right decision.

A great story motivates. Our prospects need a gentle nudge, especially when we come up on a time of year when they might find it easier to revisit things after the holidays!

A great story will serve as “evidence” to eliminate/reduce doubt, skepticism, and objections. Our prospects have trust issues.

A great story will set you apart. To a decision maker, all sales reps sound alike!

A great story helps your prospect visualize a better outcome and the consequences of doing nothing.

Most reps won’t use stories because they’ve either written them off as too “corny” or most likely, they just don’t know HOW to use stories!

This Thursday I’m going to be talking about The 7 Stories EVERY Sales Rep MUST Tell.

Registration is about to end so if you’d like to join us;

Now would be a great time to reserve you spot otherwise;

Here’s what you’re about to miss;

  • The 7 Frameworks For Compelling Stories.
  • The 7 Sales Stories.
  • The 5 Things That Add Credibility To Your Stories.
  • The Technique I Use To Remember EVERY Story In My Arsenal.
  • How To Use Stories When You Prospect.
  • How To Take A Complex Selling Point And Use A Story To Make It Easier To Comprehend
  • How To Use Stories To Sell Change In An Organization
  • How To Captivate Your Prospect With Your Delivery.
  • How To Leverage The “Theme and Variation” Tactic.


Thursday, October 11th, at 11:30 am EST.

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