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“I Need To Sell More” Is A Glorified Prayer.

Posted August 5, 2018

Everyone wants things in life but many (if not most) AREN’T willing to do something about it!

I wish I weighed less but that’s the type of statement that should be followed with an “AMEN” because, quite frankly, its a prayer until I actually do something about it.

There have been times in my life where I found myself saying things like;

“I need to make more money”

“I need to sell more”

“I need more accounts in a certain vertical”.

“I really need to make it happen in the final quarter”

“I really need to get more active on LinkedIn”

“I need to get better at prospecting”.

Truth be told, it’s easy to make those statements but;

Unfortunately ALL of those statements could have been answered with an “AMEN” because they were all prayers!


Because I was just making statements WITHOUT any actionable plan to attain those outcomes.

So here’s the rub folks;

There are 21 weeks left in 2018. What, specifically will you do to accomplish your sales goals?

While you’re pondering that question, here are some resources to help.

For information about my one on one sales program, please click HERE.

For information about my customized onsite training programs, please click HERE.

Want a call in guest for your next sales meeting? Please email me

Speaker for your team event? Click HERE.

But do something!

… and never miss a beat!
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