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Patience Is The New "Secret Sauce"!

Posted August 3, 2010

I have a bit of a confession to make 2010 hit me rather hard. This whole “New Decade” thing in complete collaboration with Uncle Paul turning 45 gave me a bit of a “Holy Sh*t” moment. Probably, because at the end of this decade I will be 55 and my youngest  22.

That of course led to a lovely internal dialogue of where I am in my success journey vs where I feel I should be. I’ll spare you the details but will tell you that I didn’t cut myself a break and succeeded in making myself feel pretty crappy!

Quite frankly, there are things that I want and I want them now!

Patience and I were always lousy roommates!

After 2 weeks of silent meditation in India I decided to embrace a different mindset. Actually I never went to India, it just sounded really freakin sexy so I went with it! Sorry . . . the embracing the different mindset part is 100% true.

I found myself continually coming back to one concept over and over . . .

What if “Patience” is the new secret sauce? I mean look around you, how many people actually stay the course?

For example:

The average sales person gives up after 3 attempts to contact a prospect

60% of Twitter users quit after the first month

A prospect tells us they are going with our competitor. How many people take that as a door shut for all eternity?

How about the goals we had in hand at the start of 2010? How long do you think it takes for the average person to give up on a goal?

It seems that in this world of “Instant” we tend to take our eyes off the prize the moment we can’t have it yesterday!

Napolean Hill had a thing or two to say about this “The majority of people are ready to throw their arms and purposes overboard and give up at the first signs of opposition or misfortune. A few carry on despite all opposition until they attain their goal.”

Some things to consider when it seems like giving up is a better option:

1)    Your competitor would love that. Don’t ever forget that!

2)    Ask yourself a better question like “In what ways can I . . . get that account, achieve my goal, get that dream house, kick that habit? Good questions force you inward and inward is where the real obstacle lives!

3)    Adopt a “Suspicious” Attitude as in “I’m missing something here. What is it?”

4)    Learn to harness frustration, its usually the last step before you get pissed enough to take action.

5)    Get additional insight: Talk to people who get the result you are looking for, talk with your significant other, your boss, accountability partner (do you have one?)

6)    Turn on your spiritual GPS. We can become quite lost without it!

7)    Have the patience, commitment and determination to take 5 actions each day toward your goal. What’s in your “5” for today dude?

And please understand that we are always so much closer than we realize!

Today’s message is simple . . . Patience to stay the course with a side order of Urgency to get back after that goal TODAY!

If I can get my patience on, so can you!

A very humbled Uncle Paul

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