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Sales With A Side Order Of Politics?

Posted September 10, 2012

The other day a sales author made a political remark on Twitter and was promptly greeted with a response inviting them to stick with sales tips.

I’m seeing this more and more and I’m not just talking about authors, I’m talking about people in my network getting really vocal in their status updates about their politics and that’s mighty dangerous!

You have to remember something . . .  unless you position yourself as a political expert or the next “O’Reilly” . . . people in your network didn’t “sign up” to hear you babble on about your politics.

Forgive me for being harsh but it’s the truth.

Just like that lady who called out the sales author the other day. She didn’t sign up for political commentary, she signed up for sales tips and there’s a huge difference between the two of them.

Its like we connect with you in good faith as business people and then you kind of say “Ah . . . fooled you” and then there’s that annoying voice in the political commercials that says “paid for by the friends of (fill in your favorite or not so favorite politician’s name here)

And before you shoot the messenger, let me remind what kind of a ridiculous distraction this is from your “main thing”

Your “main thing” is (and sorry for using the phrase in the definition) the main thing you want others to associate you with, what you want to be known for, synonymous with etc.

Politics will distract people from that.


Because it hits home and is really personal . . . to lots of people!

So now, we have people who as part of the “courtship” I always talk about, who were “admiring you from afar” as a potential widget supplier, and then you lose them over something stupid like running your mouth about how much you hate this candidate and love that candidate.

Totally not bueno!

I’ve often said that “repetition is the mother of brand” meaning that whatever you do, repeatedly, over time get’s associated with you.

I’m not sure if we have the luxury of people getting a second exposure to us if we piss them off good enough the first time!

But that’s who I am Paul”

I think that’s a cop out excuse and typically its used by people who want to justify dicky behavior.

It’s not who you are . . . its something to which you have strong convictions!

We all have strong convictions

We all have interests but . . .

There’s a time and a place for all of this and now that we’re knee deep in an election.

You need to decide if its worth blowing a sale over.

If it means that much to you . . .

Then have at it!

I’ll be the guy saying “check please” and exiting that discussion!

So enough about me folks. I do believe . . .

It’s Your Turn . . .

Do you feel politics can distract from a sale or a sales relationship and more importantly . . . should we include political commentary in our status updates?

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