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The Best Story Ever

Posted October 10, 2018

The best story ever isn’t about you, your widget, or your company.

It isn’t about your clients and the challenges you’ve helped them overcome.

The BEST story EVER is the story your prospects and clients are willing to share with you!

It could be the story of how they’re struggling with something that you could help with.

Might be the story about where they’ve been as a company and where they want to go.

Could be a story about poor quality, service, and user experience with your competitor.

Could be a personal story.

What happens when prospects and clients share their stories with you?

For starters, you get information that can be quite valuable.

Depending on the nature of the story, while the participant tells you the story, they relive those emotions. Those emotions can drive a deal forward.

Again, depending on the nature of the story, trust and rapport is developed.

There are two ways to get a prospect or client to reveal their “stories”

First, ask a BETTER question!

There’s a very specific type of question that reveals the stories that jump starts emotions.

I’ll be sharing this type of question during our webinar tomorrow. Details HERE.

Next, include stories during the sales cycle.

Think about what happens when you have a conversation with someone.

Someone shares a story about something, then;

Someone returns fire with a story of their own!

I’m not saying that you waste someone’s time with a bunch of stories instead of asking powerful questions;

I’m suggesting that you need both and;

That if you’re like me, you’ve forgotten that once someone tells a story;

Most humans respond with one of their own.

And just to be clear;

This isn’t about sharing some ultra personal story like how you wet the bed at 7 or how cheese gives you the wind;

It’s about having an arsenal of both business and personal stories.

Do you?

Stories don’t have to be “warm and fuzzy”!

In fact, the ones I’m going to be teaching during our webinar tomorrow AREN’T.

I’ll be sharing 7 types of stories (and when to use them) during The 7 Stories EVERY Sales Rep MUST Tell!

It takes place at 11:30 am EST, TOMORROW, October 11th and if you can’t join us live, I’ll send you the webinar replay if you’ve registered.

Better hurry, registration ends today!

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us;

  • The 7 Frameworks For Compelling Stories.
  • The 7 Sales Stories.
  • The 5 Things That Add Credibility To Your Stories.
  • The Technique I Use To Remember EVERY Story In My Arsenal.
  • How To Use Stories When You Prospect.
  • How To Take A Complex Selling Point And Use A Story To Make It Easier To Comprehend
  • How To Use Stories To Sell Change In An Organization
  • How To Captivate Your Prospect With Your Delivery.
  • How To Leverage The “Theme and Variation” Tactic.


This Thursday, October 11th, at 11:30 am EST.


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