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The Sad Reality Of How Many Of Us Approach Selling

Posted January 28, 2019

I think we’ve all seen the cartoon of the machine gun salesman being told “Tell him we haven’t got time for any of his bright ideas-we’ve got a battle on our hands”; by a guy ready to fight on with a sword.

We laugh about it and we think its symbolic of many of the decision makers we encounter, but;

We’re no different!

Most of us in sales are WAAAAAAYYYYYY too comfortable and have fallen into a routine.

We’ve always done things a certain way and its just easier to keep doing them.

When was the last time YOU tried something new?

You might be thinking “I’m getting results, I don’t need to try something new” but how do you grow when you’ve shut off new approaches?

How do you reach your true potential if you’ve settled?

Most importantly, how do you adapt to a business world that’s moving at the speed of light?

We’re 28 days into the new year and many of you have gone right back to your old habits.

Consider this a gentle invitation to rethink that approach.

If you’re determined NOT to do that, stop reading now.

If you’re open to new ideas, tactics, templates, etc;

I’m sharing over 150 tactics, over 30 templates, 3 e-Books, and several assignments designed to help you ROCK your sales this year!

It’s available via download and;

Here’s what the program looks like;

Session 1: Creating An Effective Prospecting Plan

Session 2 : 20 Ways To Create Opportunities

Session 3: Meticulous Pre-Call Planning

Session 4: Cold Emails That Get Opened, Read, and Responded To

Session 5: A Cure For The Common Cold Call.

Session 6: Social Selling Tactics

Session 7: Network Like A Pro

Session 8: How To ROCK Your Referrals

Session 9: How To Get Your Dream Client’s Attention

Session 10: Creating A Kick-Ass Prospecting Cadence

Session 11: How To Take Control Of Your Prospect Meetings

Session 12: Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT!

Session 13: Negotiate Like A Pro


You’ll get your first prerecorded session immediately and then a new session will arrive each week for 13 weeks.

What’s included?

(13) 45-90 Minute Pre-Recorded Sessions

Worksheets For Each Session

Homework Assignments

Templates (Actually A Ton Of Templates)

3 Bonus e-Books

Email Access To Paul Castain To Answer Any Course Related Questions and To Get Feedback On Your Assignments.

What’s the investment?


Please click HERE ASAP to secure your spot in this program.


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