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Try This Phrase In Your Next Cold Email

Posted January 12, 2022

Decision makers have gotten really good at disregarding our sales efforts, and;

That’s why you need to hit them with something that immediately intrigues them.

Here’s a super easy way to do it;

Step 1: Send an email.

In that email, you’ll want to make them hungry for the next step (the phone call) by referencing a trigger event and by referencing how you might have a few ideas to help.

Use this phrase;

“I promise to call you on (day) at (time).”

Now just to be clear, you AREN’T promising to call to pitch them, you’re promising to call with something helpful, an idea, a resource, etc. Right now, those things are really appreciated thanks to the pandemic.

Time out! Promises are really important and carry a lot of weight (especially when you understand that buyers have trust issues with sales reps)

We’re making a promise here for two reasons;

So we can begin to demonstrate our ability to keep promises and;

To leverage a pattern interrupt when we call.

Step 2 Call/Leave Voicemail

Make the call and if you get your potential client on the phone;

Use this phrase;

“I’m calling like I promised I would in the email I sent you on (date you sent the email).

Now the call shifts from a typical “cold call” to one where you are simply calling “as promised” and;

Giving them something of value!

This forces the recipient to go off script so it becomes awkward to fire back at you with typical stuff like “Not interested”, “All set” etc.!

What about the voicemail part of the tactic?

If you get voicemail (and you should figure that most of your calls are going to wind up there anyway);

Leave a message in a similar format to the one we’d use if we get them on the phone.

Hi Marcia, it’s Paul Castain from Castain Training Systems calling you like I promised I would in the email I sent you on January 10th” with the subject line “New Sales Reps”.

Some awesome things can happen right about now;

  1. You piqued their interest and get a callback.
  2. They go back and read an email that they’ve already forgotten about. This is particularly important if there were some valuable tidbits in your email.
  3. Even if you don’t get a call back you’re going to stand out because your message WASN’T typical.

We discuss this and several other prospecting tactics (with templates) in my prospecting download.


In Session 1, we’re going to explore how you can seriously warm up your cold calls. We’ll talk about 3 different “scripts” that I’ve designed to be used during the pandemic. We’ll discuss how you can create a more objection-resistant dialogue while maintaining control of the call. And while we’re at it, we’ll discuss a revised objection handling formula that’s a must if you’re using the phone.

In Session 2, we’ll discuss how you can master this thing we call “email”! I have tips that will help you with your subject lines, overall message, how to improve your response rates, and a few tactics that will forever change the way you approach emails going forward! Oh, and I just created (as in today) 15 new templates that I’ll throw in to sweeten the deal.

In Session 3, we’re going to talk about how you can use creativity to stand out and capture the attention of your prospects. I’ll share numerous real-life examples of what sales reps have been using during the pandemic as well as a bonus PDF with over 30 more creative prospecting ideas!

In Session 4, I’m going to show you how to put everything together into an all caps EPIC prospecting campaign. We’ll explore a lethal tactic called “Mixing and Mapping” and I’m even going to write out a complete, 10 touch, prospecting campaign for you complete with phone scripts, email, and LinkedIn templates.


Whenever you’d like. Go at your own pace. It’s all pre-recorded.


Join us from your favorite chair!



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