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Two Ways Your Competitor Will Eat Your Lunch

Posted July 26, 2012

Many sales reps make two really bad mistakes once the courtship with a prospect transitions into marriage . . .

They stop researching the company, their contact, key players etc and . . .

they only do a thorough needs analysis once!

There are mucho problems with this.

1)    You can miss important “triggers” that can be leveraged into additional sales.

2)    You have absolutely no current assessment of pain or opportunities.

3)    You miss important things about your client that can help you bond with them on a deeper level which of course can transition into more sales but . . .

There’s actually a much bigger problem!

It’s a silent killer and you’ll never see it coming.

If your competitor is trying to get in and they’re researching your client and actually getting in to conduct their needs analysis but. . .

The last time you researched your client and did your needs analysis was prior to the marriage then . . .

Your data is somewhat antiquated and theirs is up to the minute and quite relevant!

Two easy remedies . . .

1)    Set up a Sales Listening Station so you’re always up to date when news breaks with your clients.

2)    Set up a meeting ASAP with your clients and give them whatever reason you want but . . . Get back in there and give them a good, thorough check up.

Please weigh in with your thoughts!

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