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How To Use Your Smartphone To Expedite Deals (It’s Not What You’re Thinking)

Posted February 21, 2018

Paul Castain

Taking a video with our phone is usually limited to a family event, the kid’s game, or if you live in New York;

Capturing a road rage incident, and meanwhile;

There are several ways we can utilize that feature to help expedite deals!

Use Smartphone Video To Demonstrate Something

Demonstrations are a powerful form of evidence. Videos can help you do that.

Any type of demo will do but particularly ones where you want to bring something to your client that might be a tad difficult;

Like that 2 ton piece of machinery or capabilities best demonstrated on a job site.

When a client can’t go to the thing you want them to see;

Bring it to them via your smartphone.

Use Smartphone Video To Take Clients Behind The Scenes

How about a video tour where your client can meet your support team?

One of my clients does this and makes the last stop on the tour a visit to the President’s office (arranged in advance). Its a nice touch and shows a level of interest his competitors fail to demonstrate.

Showing someone that we do indeed have a capable support team can go a long way!

Use Smartphone Video To Capture A Testimonial Right In The Moment

Next time you’re sitting with your client and they tell you how great you and your company are;

Ask if you could capture it on video and tell them “Because then I can use it to get more awesome clients like you!”

Funny thing about capturing someone’s energy and excitement right in the moment;

It has this crazy way of becoming infectious!

Testimonials are a powerful form of evidence.

Video testimonials brings things up a notch or three.

Use Smartphone Video To Stay Top of Mind Between Meetings

The time between meetings is a dangerous time for sales reps.

Your client is subject to the influence of your competitors, other stakeholders, etc.

Doubt and skepticism might set in.

Loss of interest and/or momentum.

So instead of the used and abused “Calling to check in” thing;

Think about ways you can use video to;

Reinforce your value proposition and;

Provide additional evidence!

Use Smartphone Video To Create Meaningful Content For Your Clients

You could take a smartphone video of someone on your team answering a frequently asked question.

How about a 1-2 minute video of you sharing a tip for your clients?

How about a two minute video of you interviewing a client?

Use Smartphone Video To Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

We love to talk about “differentiation” in sales and yet;

We use the same used and abused tactics as our competitors.

How can you use video to stand out?


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