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Use This Tactic BEFORE Your Prospect Delays Their Decision

Posted September 15, 2021

There are certain scenarios that can occur during the sales cycle where;

A prospect begins to second guess their need for your solution.

A prospect begins to second guess their need to make a change.

A stakeholder(s) are against making a change.

A prospect loses their urgency.

A prospect wants to “back burner” the deal because things are “Crazy busy right now”.

There are any number of scenarios that can occur that derail the deal!

How To Preempt These Things

Foreshadow the scenario!

In other words;

Let them know about something they might experience in the future and suggest how they might handle it.

Example: Let’s say you have a prospect and you can tell that even though they’re on board, they are going to face lots of internal push back.

You could say “Based on what you’ve been telling me, you might find yourself in a situation where you really have to sell this internally. Here are a few ways you might respond ________________” or you could ask them how they plan on responding to internal pushback.

Another Example: How about one where you know there’s a good chance that during the fourth quarter, they’re going to want to postpone until the first quarter of 2022. This NEVER happens, right?

You could say something like; “The steps we both need to take to move forward will probably take us right up to early December. Come early December you might feel like putting it off until January instead. Here’s why we should both agree, now, to stay the course ____________”.

You can foreshadow distractions taking them off course.

You can foreshadow second guessing a decision.

You can even foreshadow a higher price.

The point of foreshadowing is to get them to “visit that place” in advance, and agree with you, in advance, how they will handle it.

Last, but not least;

I’m not suggesting that you throw a bunch of random foreshadowing tactics at a prospect;

I’m suggesting that you read your prospect properly and;

Use the tactic as you see fit.

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