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How To Use The “Triad Method” To Increase Sales

Posted May 13, 2018

triad method

The triad method is a simple tool you can use to increase the amount of plays available to you as a sales rep.

All you have to do is think 3 as in . . .

  • 3 good responses to each of your typical objections.
  • 3 different voice mails
  • 3 different 30 second elevator speeches
  • 3 different ways you would ask for commitment
  • 3 different ways you would ask for a referral
  • 3 different ways you would open a meeting
  • 3 different ways you would close a meeting

We can also take the triad theory to a different level by thinking;

3 creative ways to get into an account
3 different points of entry to a potential account
3 different ways to pep yourself up when you are feeling challenged
3 different ways you differentiate from your competition
3 different presentation styles for when you present your company
3 different questions you will ask for every potential pain/opportunity when probing

When we create multiple options to common scenarios, it’s never a matter of “Can I handle that situation?” its simply a matter of “Let me choose from this variety pack of whup ass”.

Makes a big difference in your confidence, doesn’t it?

Clients and prospects can see when we’re confident, can’t they?

That, in and of itself, creates a new group of 3 for you to think about

3 new ways to spend a bigger commission check!

I will leave you with my favorite group of 3 which is simply an invitation . . .

For you to pass today’s blog post along to 3 people.

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