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What Every Sales Rep Should Do During The Holiday Week

Posted June 30, 2020

It can be really challenging to be productive during a holiday week!

Here are a few things that I do that have dramatically improved my productivity.

The first thing I do is make a decision as to whether or not I’m working, recharging, or both that week.

One thing I absolutely WON’T do is wander around the world headquarters of Castain Training Systems doing a whole lotta nothing. That kind of nonsense screws me out of getting sh*t done or sitting poolside with a cigar and a whiskey sour.

Limbo is no place for a Type A sales rep!

Next, When I prospect in the weeks leading up to a holiday week, I schedule virtual appointments for the holiday week.

Not everyone will be available, and I have a few no shows and cancellations but;

I have actual appointments while the rest of the world pisses and moans about how useless the holiday week is!

That’s so much better than prospecting during a holiday week.

I ALWAYS send emails out either the day before a holiday, the actual holiday, or sometimes the day after.


Less noise and “Out of Office Replies”.

Check this out . . .

“Out of Office Replies” can provide direct phone numbers, cell numbers, additional contact info, and an “icebreaker” on a platter if it states that they’re on vacation.

I’ll also call clients and prospects because I’ve been handed a change in messaging on a platter.

What do I mean by that?

I get to call clients and prospects to wish them a “Happy Fourth of July” and ask if they have any big plans.

Do you see what I did right there? I decided to LEVERAGE a holiday, Instead of being challenged by it.

I’ll get caught up on handwritten notes.

On LinkedIn I will send a resource to all my contacts.

Account Planning.

Research For Next Week’s Calls.

Snail Mail and FedEx.


Now the “learning” thing is where I’m going to have some fun (you do realize that you can mix fun with work, right?).

I’m going to sit out in the backyard, get some sun on my bald head, cigar in hand, and an audio book in the earbuds.

When I do some “admin” stuff, it’s going to be from my patio listening to some Skynyrd.

The last suggestion comes with a little bit of tough love;

Holidays weren’t just invented folks;

So there’s no reason for them to catch you off guard.

Think this sh*t out BEFORE the holiday week hits!

It you’d like to sharpen your sales skills this summer, I highly recommend our Virtual Sales Camp Download!

Here’s what the program looks like;

Session 1 How To REALLY Get A Decision Maker’s Attention

  • The one phrase that will immediately set you apart from your competitors.
  • How to dramatically increase the probability of a decision maker taking your call. Did you ever wish there was a way to get someone to actually pick up their phone? Here you go!
  • 5 email tactics your peers are using to stand out.
  • BONUS PDF: 10 email subject lines that lead to MORE opens and MORE responses.
  • How to leverage “summer messaging” to stand out.
  • 15 ways your peers are using creativity to get in the door. BONUS PDF with 20+ additional ways you can use creativity to capture a decision maker’s attention.

Session 2 Multi-Channel Prospecting. 

  • 4 LinkedIn tactics EVERY sales rep should leverage.
  • 2 ways to create WARM Calls instead of cold calls.
  • 2 referral sources you’ve completely neglected.
  • 5 ways to use snail mail to set yourself apart.
  • 2 email tactics that generate appointments.
  • BONUS: 50 cold email templates.
  • 5 ways to use a “reverse call to action” to create interest.
  • How to devise a “3 touch mini campaign” and a multi-channel prospecting cadence.

Session 3 Maximizing Account Potential

  • The one mistake that hurts your clients and your paycheck!
  • A 3 step questioning technique that helps safeguard your accounts, generate more opportunities, testimonials, and referrals.
  • How to get the inside track on new opportunities.
  • How to get access to additional stakeholders WITHOUT offending your contact.
  • How to expand to other locations, divisions, etc.
  • How to add value via ideas, surprises, and resources.
  • BONUS PDF: A stay in touch cadence to help you stay “top of mind” with your clients.

Session 4 Expediting Your Deals

  • How to take immediate control of your deals WITHOUT being controlling or manipulative. BONUS PDF: How To Take Immediate Control Of Your Prospect Meetings.
  • 8 ways to safeguard your deals and keep them moving forward.
  • How to leverage the “theme and variation” tactic.
  • How to preempt and respond to obstacles, stalls, and objections.
  • 3 tactics to use if you feel you’ve been “ghosted”.
  • BONUS PDF: 100 sample questions to ask your prospects.


You’ll receive the entire course immediately, but by all means;

Go at your own pace!


Your computer screen.

What’s Included?

(4) 60 minute pre-recorded sessions with over 75 actionable tips


50 email Templates

5 Bonus PDFs

(4) Assignments and individualized feedback from Paul Castain

Access to secret resource page with additional PDFs, articles, etc

Email access to Paul Castain to answer any questions related to the course material

How Much?


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