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Why Decision Makers Are Bored And Unimpressed With Your Cold Email

Posted December 15, 2018

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As much as you send a ton of emails, you have to acknowledge, that the people you’re trying to sell to, receive a ton more!

Here are a few reasons why you aren’t capturing their attention;

Your Emails Lead With Statements About Your Company Instead Of Things About The Recipient!

The two most critical points of an email, are the subject line and opening statement and while we could argue that the “call to action” is also important (which it clearly is), if you don’t hook them at the subject line and opening statement, you’re screwed!

Most reps lead with something about their company, instead of something about the recipient’s world.

What can you do to change that? Hint: Research better and open with your prospect’s favorite subject . . .THEM.

Your Email Lacks “Evidence”,

“Evidence” reduces resistance and doubt and if you FAIL to provide it, your email reeks of BS.

Things to consider: Facts, Examples, Testimonials, Stats. What “evidence” can you use to answer the question “Who says so besides you?”

You’re Using The Same “Flavor” and The Same Form Of Outreach.

Most emails (cold calls too) center around a message that screams “I want to sell you something” and “I’d like to set an appointment, set up a demo, a Webex, etc . . to sell you something”

If you’re going to “court” a potential client, you had better keep your “dates” interesting.

How about an email that contains a resource, an invite to an event, an email introducing them to someone who could buy from them or help them, An email where you simply ask them a question, an email congratulating them etc.

As far as communicating those messages, think beyond the email and consider other forms of outreach like: phone, LinkedIn, snail mail, drop offs, creative approaches, content, etc.

Again, like any “courtship” we can’t keep showing up offering the same “date”.

Your Email Fails To Provoke Thought.

One of the best ways to provoke thought is to ask a great question. Questions inspire thought, emotion, and inspire responses.

What questions can you ask to achieve this?

Your Email Is Way Too Typical.

Do you think  it’s possible, that we all appear to be saying the same thing, and following the same email structure?

What can you do to be different?

What can you do to stand out?

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