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10 Ways To Get A Potential Client’s Attention When You Prospect

Posted October 12, 2018

Your prospect has lot’s of things going on in their world competing for their attention.

There are calls, voicemails, way too many emails, internal and external meetings, internal/external clients, snail mail, Fedexes, deadlines, fires that have to be put out etc.

How do you compete with that?

By contacting them more creatively!

What’s that? You don’t see yourself as being very creative?

Perhaps these 10 ideas will help . . .

Shoot a quick intro video of who you are, and a kick ass elevator speech. In that video, make sure you call your prospect by name Tell them a specific day and time you will call to set appt. Burn it to DVD and make a movie themed kit. Include popcorn and candy and eat some of it while you’re assembling it. I won’t tell anyone.

Send greeting cards on the holidays where people typically won’t. (July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc Stonehouse Collection has a great selection at reasonable prices. Click here to check it out!

Consider leveraging funny days of the year like  “National Thank God It’s Monday Day”, “Bring Your Manners To Work Day” and numerous other ones as a fun excuse for you to reach out to a non responsive prospect! Here’s a calendar with mucho funny days!

Consider packaging your capabilities into a fun PDF like I did! Click here to have a look!

Purchase one of those prepaid cell phones. Send it to your prospect and tell them a time you will be calling on it and give a specific day and time.

Consider using a “Shock and Awe” package. Here’s how you do it.

Consider having the balls to send a ball (Thank you Jamie McLennan)

Take a picture of you staring at the phone with a caption “I thought for sure that (name of prospect) would call”. Go to SendOutCards and create a personalized greeting card and send that bad boy out.

Follow it up with a picture of you like nose up to the computer screen with the caption “Thought for sure (name of prospect) would write”Fed Ex it so it arrives separate and doesn’t blend in with the other mail.

Send some special occasion ice cream with this cool website!

Get some coffee mugs with your company’s logo imprinted. Fill them with candy and your business card. Wrap them in some funky colored cello wrap and then hand deliver it (with a handwritten note in case you get the old blow off)

And there you have it . . . 

10 ways for you to get a decision maker’s attention when you prospect!

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