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The Secret To Leaving A BETTER Voicemail

Posted October 12, 2018

Less and less decision makers answer their phone these days and before you get all indignant and tell me that voicemail is a waste of time;

Let me nip that sh*t right here and now and tell you that;

A voicemail that’s typical and boring is the one that’s a waste of time but;

How Do We Leave A BETTER, More Compelling Voicemail?

The way you leave a more compelling voicemail message is exactly the same way you deliver a more compelling message when you get someone “live” on the other end of the phone and . . .

It’s also the same way you craft a more compelling email message and write a better note that you send off in the mail . . .

Stop making the message about you and make it about them!

Most voicemails start off with something like “Hi Janet, it’s Hugh Jass with ABC Widgets. We create widgets that _____” Or “Hi Janet, it’s Bud Fox with Anacot Steel and we’re a full service _________”. Whatever the heck “full service” means is still a mystery to me.

Instead, you need to take that meticulous pre call planning you were supposed to do and intrigue them by referencing something relevant to THEM such as . . .

Expansion at their company

A new product launch

Their competition

Contracts won

Changes in legislation

Hiring at their company

Their earnings

Your contact being new to the position or perhaps having just been promoted

A mutual contact

Things going on in their industry

Things going on in their local area

Something mentioned in a press release that’s relevant to them.

“I noticed that ____________”

When you leave a voicemail, use the phrase “I noticed that _________” to immediately capture their attention.

So instead of talking about a subject that for the most part, they don’t care about (you and your company), why don’t you lead with something about them and then;

Tie it in with a hint of how you might be able to help?

We all know that everyone’s favorite subject is them . . .

So if we know that, why don’t lead with that?

Would you like 7 voicemail templates?

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