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A Cold Email Tactic That Gets Results

Posted October 11, 2018

Many of us don’t appreciate the CRAZY level of noise we have to navigate through as sales professionals.

Take email for example . . .

The average person sends and receives 121 emails per day(According to Radicatti Group) and that number dramatically increases at the C-Level!

That begs the question . . . 

What can we do to stand out?

About 2 years ago, I came across a tactic that pretty much won me over from “hello” and;

It’s been winning over the recipient’s of my cold emails too!

It’s called The “Embedded Email” and here’s how it works;

With the embedded email you embed either a graphic or a video.

First, let’s talk graphics.

One of the most powerful trends I’ve witnessed is embedding a picture of the sales rep, holding a mini white board with the recipient’s name.

So if you were sending me a cold email, your mini whiteboard would read “Hi Paul!”

Package it with a smile.

How can you possibly blow off an email when someone is smiling and holding a sign with your name on it?

Customize the picture to include something of interest to the recipient.

That’s where your pre-call planning research comes in handy.

Here’s a great example of someone who discovered that the recipient loved a certain IPA.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just personal interest stuff;

You can have a picture of you holding their product, standing with a mutual contact, pointing at their website on your computer screen, holding one of their marketing pieces, a press release about their company, etc.

You can also embed a funny meme. Obviously you need to be careful.

Since I always try and connect with potential clients on LinkedIn, I can do some pretty cool stuff with the emails sent via that platform.

For example . . . 

I can include a GIF like this one I sent to someone (I know pretty well) who hasn’t green lighted the training program I proposed.

There are a few other things you can embed and you can be certain that the majority of your competitors haven’t gotten on board with this yet!

And that’s what it’s all about ladies and gentlemen;

Standing out in a world of WAAAAAAAY too many “Me Too” sales reps!

Here’s something else that will help . . .

I’ll be talking more about embedded emails (and sharing a few of my best cold email templates) during my 50 Ways To Prospect Differently During The Fourth Quarter webinar.

Here’s what I’m going to share;

  • 10 Places Where You Need To Start Looking For Business.
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  • 3 LinkedIn Prospecting Tactics That Work Like A Charm.
  • The 3 Snail Mail Tactics That Will Help You Stand Out Immediately!
  • My Updated 4 Step Messaging Framework That Works With Emails, Cold Calls, Snail Mail, LinkedIn, Etc.
  • How To Capture Your Dream Client’s Attention In The First Sentence Of Your Emails, Cold Calls and Voicemails.
  • My 5 BEST Sales Email Templates.
  • 10 Subject Lines That Capture The Recipient’s Attention.
  • How To Create A Really Effective Phone Script WITHOUT Sounding Scripted. I’m Also Going To Send You The Template.
  • 7 Voicemail Scripts (With Templates) That Will Help You Stand Out.
  • A “Call To Action” That Actually Inspires ACTION!
  • A Very Different Prospecting Cadence That Mixes Phone, Email, LinkedIn, Snail Mail, Etc.  


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