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3 Things You Should NEVER Do While Prospecting (Especially When It’s The Fourth Quarter!)

Posted October 16, 2018

Like you, I’m challenged with finding the time to prospect but;

I also know that its an important part of my overall sales system.

So when I’m able to get that time on the calendar, I REALLY need to make it count;

Especially during the fourth quarter!

There are 3 things that I NEVER do during my outbound calls (and actually one thing that I never do BEFORE making my outbound calls) Let’s start with that one.

Feel free to write this one off as basic, but I’m willing to bet that this might be an issue with you too.

Here it is . . .

When I schedule my calls, short of the world headquarters of Castain Training Systems being on fire, I hardly ever break that appointment with myself.


Because fair is fair!

I say that because when I set an appointment to meet with a potential client or train a sales team, I would never break that appointment.

So fair is fair . . .

When I set an appointment for me, I won’t break that appointment!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way;

Let’s talk about the 3 things I NEVER do while making outbound calls.

I WON’T Take Inbound Calls.

Why? Because it cuts into my outbound call time and since I call in 25 minute call bursts, you won’t have to wait more than 25 minutes for me to return your call. If that’s unreasonable, I’m thinking you should take your business elsewhere.

There’s another reason too, and it requires me to ask my ego to leave, so hold on a sec . . . OK. I know something about myself that many people are afraid to admit. Given the choice between the possibility of getting my ass kicked on an outbound call vs a nice safe inbound call from a client, which one do you think I’d rather participate in?

Your brain loves to keep you away from unpleasant stuff, so it subconsciously gives you “avoidance activities”.

What I’m offering here is a compromise by checking my messages every 25 minutes or if you prefer, hourly.

I WON’T Check Emails Etc.

I’ll get to the “etc” part in a second.

I won’t check emails because it takes me away from the task at hand . . .

Making outbound calls!

 “But what about your clients and that prospect who’s ready to give you the deal?”

They can wait 25 whole minutes. Seriously. We’re not talking about days or hours, we’re really talking minutes.

As far as the “etc”, I don’t allow pop ups of any kind.

I don’t want anything taking my attention away from making my outbound calls.

And while we’re at it, I WON’T check LinkedIn or any of my social accounts during outbound calls. Somehow the world has been managing just fine without me.

Oh, and I get a lot more stuff done this way!

I WON’T Allow Interruptions From Coworkers During This Time.

On one hand, this is easy for me because I’m a one man act, but since I work from home, I still put a sign on my door that says

“Calls in progress!”

Now when I worked in an office setting, there were people who disrespected that sign. I’d finish my call and remind them that I couldn’t talk now but (if its really important) I’ll get a hold of them within the hour.

My rule with my coworkers was simple . . .

Is it a “911” or a “411″?

A “911” is an emergency that can’t wait and they should feel free to drag me out of the room.

If it’s a “411” (information that’s needed but not urgent); please don’t interrupt my calling time. Send me an email and I’ll either send you what you need or come see you.

It’s because of these 3 things that I get more done, in less time, than your average sales rep and;

Can focus my artillery fire on the things I need to be doing to finish 2018 STRONG!

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