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A Heart To Heart About Your Paycheck! Please Read!

Posted February 12, 2016


Do you believe that your ability, to contact potential clients, via phone will impact your paycheck?

I’m guessing, that the majority of my readers said “YES” but sadly;

Less than 2% of cold calls result in an appointment.

Said another way . . .

98% of those calls you’re making, cold, get you a whole, lotta NOTHING!

So what does the average sales rep do about this?

Either they kid themselves into thinking “I know, I’ll just make more calls, because sales is a numbers game” or, most probably, they choose not to think about it. Kind of like when you were a kid and you closed your eyes and said to the people around you “You can’t see me”.

I’m here to tell you that both of these, are what experts call . . .

A sh*tty strategy and if you DO want a bigger paycheck, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to do better than that!

First of all, most sales reps, haven’t been trained properly to hunt for business via the phone.

How do I know this?

Because I’m the guy who gets the call to retrain people who aren’t getting the results.

I see a ton of sales reps missing higher probability suspects because they’re to busy contacting people who turn out to be glorified tire kickers at best.

I hear call openings that are typical, boring and that lose the person on the other end of that call in seconds.

I usually hear no “evidence” being proactively offered to reduce the doubt of the potential client.

Questions? Hardly any and the ones being asked don’t do much to emotionally charge the potential client and move things forward.

Handling objections? I hear a whole lot of typical,  salesy “Feel, Felt, Find” type of rebuttals that potential clients are sick of hearing, and typically make the person spewing them sound like a tool.

I’m not here to beat anyone up who’s struggling with the phone. Again, this goes back to how you were trained and even IF you were even trained at all!

Back in December, we closed registration to a new program we launched called Prospect Like A Pro.

We had over 800 participants and received rave reviews, like this one from Deirdre;

“Every session during this course I took away something that I was able to apply that SAME day.  I took the tips and started getting through, or using gatekeepers to my advantage, got my voicemails returned and  while using the reverse call to action, actually had customers apologizing to ME for missing MY call.  By the end of every week, I’d have the recording to go back and listen to again, or at a convenient time for me, so it was easy to keep up week to week.  Lastly, you feel like you are the only one of Paul’s students.  He does a perfect job of welcoming your questions, encourages you to send him things that you are working on and will give you feedback, and lastly is such a cheerleader for his students.  We all know that sales people have a high need for approval, and you WILL get it from Paul.  As well as a kick in the you-know-what when necessary.  if you e-mail Paul that you tried something new, you will get an e-mail back saying Great job and that’s sometimes all we need to keep on going and to try even harder.  Invest in YOU, and you will quickly see the monetary return.”

Deirdre McArdle, Inside Sales Representative at Specialty Silicone Products, Inc.

We just opened up enrollment again but will be closing it within the next few weeks.


Because part of what our participants pay for is access and support from me and I can only handle so many.

And, if we’re being completely honest, if I keep this open forever, many of you will procrastinate and blow it off.

So, if your paycheck is at least, in part, a reflection of your ability to ROCK the phone;

Why aren’t you doing something about that?

Today, I’m offering you just that!

Click HERE to learn more and to reserve your seat while enrollment is still open.


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