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Don't Ever Open A Cold Call This Way

Posted February 11, 2016

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If your potential clients are worth pursuing, they’re getting a lot of calls, emails etc from other people trying to sell them stuff.

And if they’re getting a lot of calls, emails etc from other people trying to sell them stuff, they’ve mastered the art of deciding, withing the first few seconds, if the people trying to sell them stuff, are worthy of their attention.

Said another way . . .

Most Cold Calls Crash And Burn Within Seconds

There are lots of reasons for this, but for now, let’s look at how the first few seconds of a cold call typically go.

A typical cold call begins  with a greeting and then an immediate launch into something about the caller’s company, product, service etc.

The only thing worse than launching immediately into something about your company, product or service is when you spew marketing speak like . . .

“We’re a full service ___________

“We offer comprehensive__________”

“Our one source ____________”

Just for the record, nobody talks like that, and the next time someone tries to make you say dopey sh*t like that, take your palm and gently strike them in their forehead while saying “I command you out demon”.

But seriously . . .

The problem, the REAL problem, is that you just tried to get, a potential client’s attention with their LEAST favorite subject;


Forgive me, but nobody cares about you, especially someone who just had their day interrupted with your call.

Instead, and this is why I’m a genius with a capital J, begin with their favorite subject which is, wait for it, wait for it;


In our Prospect Like A Pro online course, we talk about a real simple phrase that dramatically changes the trajectory of your calls;

“I noticed that . . .”


After the greeting, say “I noticed that” and then fill in the blank with something about them (and even their world), that you can tie to your solution.

“I noticed that you have a product launching this June”

“I noticed that your company is opening a Chicago plant”

“I noticed that you like to wear your beard Abe Lincoln style” Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

“I noticed that you just started with ABC Company”

“I noticed that your X-1000 product line _____________”

“I noticed that two of your competitors _______”

There’s obviously a lot more to this like . . .

What to look for in your research so you can use this technique.

How to find these things in your research without becoming a full time research analyst.

What to say once you’ve made it about them (you do know, you can’t just stop there, right?)

I talk all about crafting a better message in our Prospect Like A Pro course.

Please click HERE to learn more and to bring your phone skills up a notch or three!

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