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A Really Simple LinkedIn Tactic For Road Warriors

Posted August 9, 2019

This LinkedIn tip goes out to all the road warriors.

It’s easy to do and offers a nice return on investment.

Whenever you’re setting up a trip, take a few minutes to do a LinkedIn search for that city.

You can refine the search to include all your first degree contacts in that city.

Identify someone (or a few people if you have time) that you’d like to get to know better.

Send them an email (or “inmail” as they call it on LinkedIn), mention that you’ll be in the area and invite them for coffee, lunch, etc.

As you schedule each one of these “meet and greets”, remember to do the following;

  1. Do your preparation the way you would for any appointment.
  2. No sales pitch! This is a “Meet and Greet” where your only job is to get to know your connection better.

At the end of your time together, ask two questions;

Question #1: “Who should I be on the lookout for that you’d be interested in meeting?”

Some will be looking for clients, others vendors, referral partners, etc.

Question #2: “Who do you know that could benefit from (fill in the blank with your solution)?”

Here’s what you’ll gain from by doing this;

If you average 1 of these each week, you’ll have 50 people in your network that you know WAY better than you did before and;

They’ll know you WAY better too, which means;

They’ll be more likely to;

Refer you

Provide a warm intro to mutual contacts

Buy from you

And the best part is that you didn’t have to travel out of your way to meet since you were in the area anyway!

And that’s it;

Simple, elegant, and a nice way to build a STRONGER LinkedIn network while getting the hell out of your hotel room for a change!

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