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A Simple Way To Kick Your Sales Emails Up A Notch

Posted May 3, 2021

Just out of curiosity, with all that’s going on in the world right now, do you think people are a tad more;




And even more likely to cling to the status quo while embracing a “wait and see” attitude?

And that’s why you need to use social proof!

What is social proof?

It’s a concept that people will adapt their behavior based on what the masses (particularly their peers) are doing.

This is particularly powerful right now with the pandemic and the uncertainty involved, so;

We look to the crowd, the industry, our peers;

To see what they’ve been doing and if it validates something we’ve been considering.

An example of social proof and how you can use it in a cold sales email.


Your prospect is buying YOU first, so;

When you use a testimonial make sure the testimonial mentions YOU and not just your company, widget, solution, etc.

Also, make sure you use a complete name and not just “Mary F” that sh*t is sketchy and undermines the process of building trust.

Most of all;

Provide a testimonial from someone that you’ve been able to help during the pandemic.

There are additional ways to provide social proof and “evidence” to reduce hesitation, doubt, and skepticism in your emails.

I share them in our Emails That ROCK download!

20 Templates and Mucho Templates To Help You ROCK Your Emails!

Yours for the taking when you download my Emails That ROCK resource.

I highlight 20 different emails that will not only help you get in front of opportunities;

They will help you throughout your sales cycle.

I also share Covid-19 appropriate templates, subject lines, calls to action, and even some gentle psychology you can apply in your cadence!

Here’s a sample of the emails we’re going to discuss;

  • The email my clients have been using that gets high response rates during the pandemic.
  • The one type of email 99% of your competitors aren’t sending and yet your prospects need it to put them at ease during uncertain times.
  • The one type of email you absolutely MUST send regularly, especially when someone ISN’T giving you the time of day.
  • The 2 emails I send that create anticipation, establish expertise, and reduce no-shows.
  • The “stay in touch” email campaign my clients are leveraging to stay top of mind between meetings!
  • The pre-close email I’ve been sending since the pandemic began.
  • 2 emails you can use if you’ve been “ghosted”.


Download it instantly and then go at your own pace!

What do you get?

(1) 90 minute prerecorded training session

20 Covid-19 appropriate email templates with subject lines

10 Covid-19 appropriate call to actions

How much?


Please click HERE to download this resource!

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