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An Email Template EVERY Sales Rep Should Be Using During The Pandemic

Posted August 11, 2020

The big question right now is this;

“What should my sales messaging look like during the pandemic?”

I mean, we want to kind.

We want to be sensitive.

We want to help!

So what can we say that’s appropriate and;

As a bonus, actually help us stand out during a time like this?


A “resource email” is simply that;

A resource, NOT, a sales pitch!

Think about the things that might be helpful right now to your prospects and clients.

How about a resource about navigating the reopening phase?

How about a resource that addresses “doing more with less”?

Stretching a budget?

An article with tips on working from home, time management, being more productive?

Fun things they can do over the summer during Covid-19. For example, Walmarts throughout the US will be offering FREE drive-in movies shortly. Maybe a client or prospect would enjoy a night out with their family?

How about a resource on keeping your sanity during trying times?

Is there an app that might be helpful?

A checklist?

A podcast episode?

A calculator type resource?

A free webinar or virtual event?


When the pandemic first hit, I sent my LinkedIn connections a link to 300 FREE sales lessons as an alternative to Netflix.

How about some tips on employee morale, servicing clients, instilling confidence?

How about sharing a best practice you’ve noticed during the pandemic? Perhaps something your company has been doing? Something from your prospect’s industry.

Invite them to a helpful Facebook group.

How about ideas on how to generate revenue, increase profitability, improve efficiencies?

So here it is in a nutshell . . .

Step 1 Give thought to what might be helpful, right now! Ask your teammates to do the same.

Step 2 Search for things like articles, podcasts, apps, PDFs, free webinars, videos, e-Books, audiobooks, etc Variety is a good thing!

Think about things you can create or curate.

Sales Managers: Have a sales team meeting around this topic and create a Google Doc with everyone’s contributions.

Step 3 Send an email where the message is simply “I was thinking of you and thought this might help”.

By the way . . .

I’ve tested this approach for 10 years now and not only has it been well received;

It’s really appreciated right NOW!

Oh, and it’s created dialogue because recipients actually respond to helpful things!

Please share this blog post with your sales team!

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