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Are You Doing These 3 Things With Your Virtual Meetings and Demos?

Posted November 28, 2021

There are tools that we use over and over in sales and as a result, fail to see additional uses.

Like Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft teams.

They’re great platform for meetings, demos etc., and even better when you;

Hit the record button!


First, it’s a great way for you to go back a review the “game tape”!

You can review your presentation, how you handled questions, objections, etc.

Also, a great way for you sales leaders to review your team’s performance, no?

Next, it’s a great way for new sales reps to learn from actual meetings/demos.

And the best part is that it serves as an “on-demand” training module to include as part of their initial training.

Speaking of training, sales leaders can pre-record training modules that participants can review while you’re off supporting the rest of your team.

The same thing can be said for your sales team in general.

This next benefit is HUGE!

Last, but not least, a recording can be extremely helpful for your prospect.


For starters, you can send it along for your prospect to review either immediately after or (perhaps even better) as a gentle nudge later in the sales process.

It’s also a great way to bring new stakeholders up to speed.

So there you have it;

3 creative ways for you to leverage your virtual meetings and demos!

How Do You Facilitate A Kick-Ass Virtual Demo/Meeting?

I wish more sales reps would ponder that question because unfortunately;

Most virtual meetings follow the same boring trajectory!

Oh, and guess what else sucks?

Too many times the sales rep fights an uphill battle, all because;

They failed to accomplish a few key things that make a world of difference in the eyes, ears, and hearts of their participants!

I put together a special download that can help!

Here’s what you’ll gain by downloading it;

  • 2 Ways To Dramatically Reduce No Shows and Reschedules
  • How To Put Forth Your Expertise Before, During, and After Your Meeting
  • The 4 Types Of Meeting Participants and How To Adapt Your Demo To IMPACT Them Individually
  • How To Establish A Collaborative and Open Exchange Within The First Few Minutes
  • 2 Ways To Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”
  • How To Master The Art Of Intentional Language
  • 5 Ways To Boost Engagement and Reduce Those Dreadful Crickets
  • How To Get Back On Point When Your Participants Go Off-Topic
  • 10 Ways To Boost Your Credibility and Silence The Skeptics


Download it instantly.

How Much?

Normally $99 but during our Black Friday Weekend Sale, it’s only $74.

Click HERE to download it and save during our Black Friday Weekend Sale!

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