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Be Careful Of The “Like” In “People Do Business With Those They Know, Like, and Trust”

Posted September 17, 2019

“People do business with those they know, like, and trust”;

Yes, but I’ve always had concerns about the “like” part of the statement.

While we certainly don’t want to be disliked, our need to be liked can lead to;

Failure to ask prospects tough questions.

Failure to have tough conversations that need to be had.

Failure to have two way accountability amongst EQUALS.

Failure to follow-up more consistently.

Failure to assert yourself.

As a sales coach, I’m not looking to win the “most likeable coach award”!

I’d rather be “respected” over “liked” and consider it a wonderful bonus when both can be attained.

To be clear;

This doesn’t give us a license to be rude, unprofessional, or dickish in our sales efforts;

It’s simply an understanding that our need to be “liked” can impede our client’s results as well as our own.

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