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How To Get A 107 Day Lead On Your 2020 Sales Results

Posted September 16, 2019

CONGRATS to those of you who actually clicked on today’s blog post! You’re in a rare group of discerning sales reps who have no problem thinking about the new year;

BEFORE it actually starts happening!

Most people make a terrible mistake when it comes to goal setting and more importantly;


Don’t get me wrong, they’re in the process (or soon will be in the process) of setting their goals for 2020, but;

They screw it up big time by WAITING until 2020 to begin!

They’ll give all kinds of BS excuses like;

“Right now I’m focused on finishing out the year strong” but;

My argument, is why can’t you do both, and;

Why WOULDN’T you get going NOW and have 107 extra days to make your 2020 AMAZING?

Today, I’m going to urge you to do something that I know will make you uncomfortable;

Resist your urge to conveniently “Not think about this until December”.

Sales Managers: Take the lead and get your team going TODAY, NOT January 1st!

Sales Reps: Now that year end is rapidly approaching, don’t you wish you had an extra 107 days? If you started last September, you would have 🙂

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