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Don’t Assume That You HAVE To Lower Your Price

Posted October 21, 2021

So there you are reviewing a proposal with a potential client and then;

They tell you your price is too high and that you need to lower it if you want their business!

Be careful!

This puts the focus on price, and focusing on price leads to “sales malpractice”.


Well for starters, you might miss an opportunity to ask a few more questions or miss opportunities to truly help your prospect.


Because now your focus goes to price and how you can trim it instead of;

Offering the best solution.

And besides, why should someone get a better price, just because they told you they want one?

How is that fair to your actual clients? (You know, the ones who’ve been there for you all along?)

So let me get this straight;

Somebody negotiates better or pisses and moans LOUDER, and that entitles them to BETTER pricing than your other clients?

No thanks!

Sometimes people tell you that you have to lower your price because;

They Can!

When I say it’s because “they can” that isn’t some universal law or fact, it’s because;

Most of the sales reps who sat in front of them allowed it and/or;

Their gut is telling them that you’ll cave in as well!

So your very first step when someone tells you your price is too high is all caps CONFIDENCE!

Confidence that you DON’T have to change your price just because your prospect DOESN’T want to pay it!

There’s more to this and;

This obviously ISN’T a one step process;

I actually have several more steps for you that I’m going to be sharing during our How To Overcome Obstacles, Stalls, and Objections webinar next week. 

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