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FREE PDF 40 Ways To Use Creativity To Get A Decision Maker’s Attention

Posted May 19, 2021

Your prospect has lot’s of things going on in their world competing for their attention.

There are calls, voicemails, way too many emails, internal and external meetings, internal/external clients, snail mail, FedExes, deadlines, fires that have to be put out etc.

And just to make it interesting;

There this thing called a “pandemic” going on!

How do you compete with that?

One way is to use creativity!

What’s that? You don’t see yourself as being very creative?

Well then perhaps these 40 ideas will help and if you’d like, you can download this FREE PDF for easy reference.

1) Consider leveraging funny days of the year like  “National Thank God It’s Monday Day”, “Bring Your Manners To Work Day” and numerous other ones as a fun excuse for you to reach out to a non responsive prospect! Here’s a calendar with mucho funny days!

2)    Whenever you set an appointment with a decision maker, FedEx a pre-appointment kit that includes your bio, the agenda, an “at a glance” overview of your products and services, testimonials, and a handwritten note.

This idea won’t win a creativity award but it will create anticipation, build credibility, and decrease your no-shows and cancellations.

3)    Give that boring calendar you give out a very cool make over. Have each month designed with a theme of you trying to get in to see your prospect (complete with your prospect’s name in the design) Example: One month you could have a hitch hiker holding a sign “Need to get to (Your Prospect’s Name) Office” Perhaps you could play the themes in with the seasons or non religious holidays? Oh, and don’t forget to include some of those funny days we discussed in idea #1.

4)    Get a giant cookie from your bakery and have them write “I want to take a bite out of your business” Note: This can also turn into a handy dandy Thank you when you get a new client or even an order from a client. You could change it to read “Thanks for letting me take a bite out of your business”

You could also send a cake with the following “Working with us is a piece of cake”.

5)    Send a Telegram

6)  Create a customized talking greeting card to your prospect with this cool kit on amazon

7)    How about some Customized M & M’s ?

8)    Send a lottery ticket with a note that reads “Why gamble on (fill in what you do)” When you call to follow up have some fun and ask them if they won!

9)    Get some sunglasses, a cd with some good rock songs and print up some All Access Passes they can use for a tour of your facility when this crazy pandemic is over. Play on that theme with a message like: “I take pride in making my clients look like rock stars!”

10) has a superhero starter kit complete with mask, cape etc. .Consider sending that to a prospect as a follow up to the rock star approach.

11)  Send some special occasion ice cream with this cool website!

12)  Try this two step approach: Leave a voicemail that you will be in the area on (date) and will stop by with some things of value and to say the worlds quickest hello. Take a gift bag and fill it with some company info, a pen with your logo, a pad, your business card etc. Drop by to see your prospect and present them with the goodie bag. 

13)  Purchase one of those prepaid cell phones. Send it to your prospect and tell them a time you will be calling on it. 

14)  Consider having the balls to send a ball (Thank you Jamie McLennan)

15)  Go to this website and order chocolate feet. Send them to your prospects with a note that reads “I’d like to get a foot in the door” You could also have something made that represents your product/service. 

16)  Take that letter you were about to stuff into an envelope with your company name and logo and use a colored envelope instead.  Hand address that bad boy while you’re at it. It will resemble a personal card and have a higher probability of getting opened.

17)  Take a picture of you staring at the phone with a caption “I thought for sure that (name of prospect) would call” Follow it up with a picture of you like nose up to the computer screen with the caption “Thought for sure (name of prospect) would write”Fed Ex it so it arrives separate and doesn’t blend in with the other mail.

18)  For a more personal touch when sending information, place Post Its with handwritten notes.

19)  Consider sending something that is representative of your geographic area to those who are out of the area. Example: I know someone who sends their clients and prospects Pretzels, someone else sends Maple Syrup etc. I have a client who married this concept in with a “Behind The Scenes” video tour of their facility with employees looking in the camera and addressing the prospect by name.

20)  Next time you are rejected on the phone, but you at least had a friendly conversation, send a handwritten thank you. Note: You obviously won’t win a creativity award on this one but you will stand out simply because hardly anyone does this! Oh,and do this next time you lose a deal too!

You might also want to consider utilizing a recap and I explain WHY in this blog post.

21)  Sales Leadership: Send a note to your entire sales organization asking for at least 2-3 creative door openers. Compile a list of all the new cool ideas that get generated and send everyone a PDF!

22)  Send greeting cards at off holidays (July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc Stonehouse Collection has a great selection at a reasonable price. Click here to check it out!

23)  I know someone who drops off carnations for all the moms she has as prospects the Friday before Mother’s Day. What could we do for the dads out there? How could we leverage other holidays with a drop off of some sort?

24)  Call the wrong extension and ask for your contact. Once they tell you that you have the wrong extension, ask to be transferred. Transferred calls look different on the caller ID than typical calls and you might just get through.

25)  Send your prospect a humorous letter with options as to why they haven’t gotten back to you. You can even create a “While You Were Out”message.

26)  Carve time out each day to think quietly. Ask yourself the following question “In what ways can I be more creative?” This is a great creative brainstorming question for you to ponder. You can even make it more targeted by rephrasing it like this “In what ways can I creatively approach (name of account).

27)  Go for a walk or exercise while asking yourself that same question.

28)  Whenever you need to thank someone, challenge yourself to do it creatively. It will help build your creativity muscles.

And speaking of that, check out the book ThinkerToys.

29)  Use that handy dandy camera on your smartphone to shoot a quick intro of who you are, and a kick ass elevator speech. In that video, make sure you call your prospect by name Tell them a specific day and time you will call to set appointment. Include popcorn and candy to make it festive. Remember to use some of the ideas we discussed earlier such as hand delivering this or FedEx so it arrives at a different time of day than the mail.

You could also embed that video in an email with a service like vidyard or bombbomb.

30) Utilize the newer messaging functionality on LinkedIn which gives you the ability to send video, a voice message, a GIF, etc.

Also, when you post something on LinkedIn, add a GIF when appropriate. It will help your message stand out in a see of “static” visuals.

31) Consider packaging your capabilities into a fun PDF like I did! Click here to have a look!

32) Create a fun bio for yourself (with a pic) and start including it in with your proposals, pricing and even when you’re trying to get in the door. People buy YOU first. Don’t ever forget that!

33) Send handwritten “Blank Cards”to potential customers. Click here to see how I do this!

34)  How about a “Mission Impossible” type of theme where you send a series of things including that 3 minute intro, a Fed Ex or Telegram and maybe even give yourself a kick ass theme song from this royalty free music site.

35)  T.G.I.F. Kit: Create a kit of fun things for your prospect. Perhaps some candy, funny sunglasses, a funny book or comedy cd, etc. Drop it off nice and early. Write your cell number on your card so hopefully you get the thank you call before you are out of the area.

36)  Have some cheesy fun by picking up any or all of the following and tailoring a corny message: Payday candy bar, mints, Mounds, seeds, nuts etc. Example attach a note to a Mounds candy bar with a message centered around you saving them mounds of extra work etc.

37)  Embed hyper-personalized visuals into your prospecting emails based on something you learned about your prospect. Example: One sales rep learned that her prospect enjoyed a certain IPA. She embedded a picture of her holding the beer and a sign that said “Hi John”.

Another rep took a picture wearing a white t-shirt. The rep checks the prospect’s LinkedIn profile for where they went to college, photo shops the logo on the picture, and embeds it into the email.

How many of those emails have your prospects received? I’m guessing ZERO!

38)  SendOutCards has some customized cards you can send to your clients and prospects.

Again, you can hyper-personalize the card with a call out with the prospect’s name. 

You can also send Starbucks cards and various treats along with your card!

39) I know a printer who bought some really fancy pens with their logo imprinted on the top half. Each was packaged in a really nice box. They would send the box with only the top half of the pen and a note.  The note expressed that they would be calling on a specific day and time to set up a quick appointment to discuss their needs and to bring the business end of that pen!

40)  Ask yourself this question every day: “How will I be memorable today?” and don’t leave the scene of that question until you get some actionable answers!

Please forward this blog post to your sales team!

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