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Hate Phone Scripts? Here Are 3 Alternatives!

Posted November 7, 2018

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I’ve never been a fan of phone scripts.

While I understand the need in terms of delivering the right message, preparedness etc;

They usually sound like a script to the poor bastard at the other end of the phone!

Also, since they’re often written in “marketing speak” and at a minimum, NOT in each individual sales person’s unique voice;

They execute poorly!

And yes, there’re some who like to say that actors use scripts and they come across natural but that’s a weak argument.

It’s weak because by the same token, you see surgeons using scalpels and nuclear physicists using particle accelerators and they come across natural too.

Anyone care to guess why? Let me help you out . . .

Probably because they went to school for that sh*t!

You, on the other hand, are a sales professional. I know, someone had to tell you but, seriously;

I do believe there’s a good compromise. Actually 3!

1) Pretend you’re at the kitchen table, simply talking through your typical call. Turn on that handy dandy voice recorder on your smart phone and talk it through as if you were having a conversation. Just talk from the heart, no marketing speak just talk. Run it through a few times trying your best to forget that the tape is running. Stop the tape and review and either keep practicing what you said until you feel comfortable or step away, return tomorrow, and the next day etc until it flows.

2) Use The “Stacking” Technique! The brain thinks in pictures and the more vivid and crazy the picture is, the higher the probability of retention. Stacking is a memory technique where you use pictures that represent each part of something you want to remember and then link them together in a crazy story to help you.

Example: I want you to picture the Verizon “Can you hear me now” dude (before he jumped ship to Sprint) and he’s holding holding a finger gun pointed sideways (Gangsta Style) at the end of the finger gun dangling from the barrel is a beautiful golden question mark etc

Those 3 pictures all represent memory cues to help me through each part of my typical call.

The “can you hear me now” dude represents the greeting

The finger gun pointed sideways, is a reminder to lead with something called a “trigger event”

The golden question mark is a reminder to ask a compelling question so the call transitions into a dialogue while I maintain control.

There’s obviously more but you get the idea.

As a bonus, the stacking technique helps remove some phone anxiety because your focus is now on some goofy story and not on your nerves.

3) Use visual memory cues to help you through each part of your phone conversation. Some people like to post bulleted words to help them through that part of the conversation and even for rebuttals to objections. My suggestion would be to use one word cues. They flow better than a sentence and once you start with the sentences I feel like we’re getting back to that script again.

The other visual cue you can use, if you choose that stacking technique, is to stack pictures vertically on a sheet of paper. This way you see the picture, it cues the memory. Keep it by your phone to keep you on track.

So there you have it, 3 really fun (and easy) alternatives to using phone scripts

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