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How Are You At Handling Phone Objections?

Posted February 6, 2019

There are two keys to a BETTER cold call;

According to Leap Job, the AVERAGE success rate of a cold call is only 2% and don’t you dare blame the cold call for that!

The problem is that the AVERAGE sales rep misses 2 critical components;

1) How to make the cold call more compelling and dare I say MORE objection resistant.

2) How to respond to objections and the stalls that render the call unsuccessful.

Unfortunately the AVERAGE sales rep was never trained properly on the phone.

They were NEVER taught an approach that made objections and stalls less likely and;

They were actually taught “objection handling” techniques that were cheesy (and reminiscent of a scene from Wolf Of Wall Street).

So maybe its time to STOP being average?

I’ve put together a special download to help you!

I share over 25 tips and tactics as well as several templates to help you slam dunk your calling efforts.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this download;

  • 5 Ways To “Soften The Target” BEFORE You Make The Call.
  • How To Warm Up and How To Conduct A “Warm Up” Call.
  • 3 Ways To Perfect Your “Pitch”.
  • What You MUST Say In The First 8 Seconds Of Your Call.
  • How To Use The Preemptive Strike Tactic To Neutralize Objections.
  • How To Embrace The Power Of “Pattern Interrupts” While Cold Calling.
  • The 3 Step “Objection Buster” Formula.
  • How To Respond To Stalls Like “Send Me Some Information”, “Call Me Back Next Month, Next Quarter, After The Holidays”, Etc.
  • How To Respond To Typical Objections Such As “Not Interested”, “We Already Have A Vendor For That”, “We’re Under Contract”, “No Time To Meet”, “No Budget”.
  • An Exercise That Will Triple Your Responses To Typical Objections.


Download it immediately.

What’s Included?

(1) 90 Minute Webinar Recording With Mucho Actionable Tips


Cold Call Template

7 Objection Buster Templates

How Much?


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