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Things To Think About When Your Prospect Is Undecided

Posted February 5, 2019

A few things to think about the next time your prospect is undecided.

  1. Did They Have The Urgency To Begin With?
  2. Did You Get The Right People Into The Meeting(s)?
  3. Did You Establish The Proper Environment? You know, one where you each were able to ask questions, brainstorm etc? Oh, and given the proper amount of time to do so?
  4. Did You Establish Rapport, Credibility and Trust? Really? How? By Talking About The Pictures On Their Desk and Awards On Their Shelf? You DO know there’s WAY more to it than that, right?
  5. Did You Ask Kick Ass Questions or Were Your Questions Mostly Informational/”Spec Related?
  6. Did You Only Focus On “Pain” Related Questions or Did You Remember To Focus On “Opportunity” Related Ones Too?
  7. Did You Have The Balls To Ask The Difficult Questions? Did You Remember To Call Out The Proverbial “Elephant In The Room”?
  8. Did You Properly Educate Your Prospect On Not Only Your Widget, But How To Properly Buy That Type Of Widget In General?
  9. Did You Properly Disqualify Your Competitors WITHOUT Talking Trash About Them?
  10. Did You Establish Your Expertise NOT Just Your Company’s?
  11. Did You Present The Right Solutions? Did You ask your prospect for feedback?
  12. Did You Present Those Solutions With IMPACT?
  13. Did You Provide “Evidence” To Reduce Doubt and Skepticism?
  14. Did You Have A Follow Up Communication Plan Between Meetings That Didn’t Depend On That Sh*tty “Calling To Check In” Nonsense?
  15. Did You Assign “Homework” Throughout The Process To Keep Your Prospect Engaged (And Keep The Deal Moving Forward)? And Did That “Homework” Include Timelines In Order To Created Urgency?
  16. Did You Repeat Key Points In Different Ways, Several Times Throughout The Process?
  17. Did You Do ANYTHING Throughout The Process That Kept You From Being Regarded As Another “Me Too” Rep?
  18. Did you sell the value?
  19. Oh, And You DID Ask For The Business, Right?
  20. When It Became Clear To You That Your Prospect Was Hesitant, Did You Respectfully Ask Why?

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