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How One Testimonial Put $23,800 In My Pocket Over The Weekend

Posted February 15, 2016


I’m a big fan of testimonials and use them quite often.

On Friday, I emailed my list with a really short and sweet message.

In it, I shared a testimonial from one of our recent graduates.

Between Friday morning (February 12th) and Sunday evening (February 14th) over $23,800 in sales came in.

To put this in perspective, you need to know that this wasn’t a high priced item. It was for a $595 product, which if you do the math, is 40 sales that were made.

Why did this work for me and why do I feel it would work for you?

Because testimonials serve as “evidence” to reduce/eliminate doubt and;

Testimonials answer the question “Who says so besides yourself?”.

Here’s the exact email, word for word, that I sent out on Friday.

Feel free to rip off the format for your own sales efforts.

Subject Line: Deirdre’s Story

It’s one thing to tell your potential clients about your “selling points”, but it means a lot more when one of your existing clients say it for you.

Are you including testimonials in your sales toolbox? 

I’m humbled and grateful to share Deirdre McArdle’s testimonial with you. Deirdre attended our Prospect Like A Pro  course recently. If you’re thinking about attending, I hope this helps you decide and if not, perhaps your take away today is to see how YOU can use testimonials to jolt your selling efforts.

Here’s what Deirdre said about the Prospect Like A Pro course.

“Every session during this course I took away something that I was able to apply that SAME day.  I took the tips and started getting through, or using gatekeepers to my advantage, got my voicemails returned and  while using the reverse call to action, actually had customers apologizing to ME for missing MY call.  By the end of every week, I’d have the recording to go back and listen to again, or at a convenient time for me, so it was easy to keep up week to week.  Lastly, you feel like you are the only one of Paul’s students.  He does a perfect job of welcoming your questions, encourages you to send him things that you are working on and will give you feedback, and lastly is such a cheerleader for his students.  We all know that sales people have a high need for approval, and you WILL get it from Paul.  As well as a kick in the you-know-what when necessary.  if you e-mail Paul that you tried something new, you will get an e-mail back saying Great job and that’s sometimes all we need to keep on going and to try even harder.  Invest in YOU, and you will quickly see the monetary return.”  Deirdre McArdle, Inside Sales Representative at Specialty Silicone Products, Inc.

To learn more about this prospecting course, CLICK HERE.

And don’t forget to use testimonials! They have a great way of proactively answering the question “Who says so besides yourself”!

Here’s why this testimonial worked.

  1. I immediately put something out there that potential clients will agree with “It’s one thing to tell your potential clients about your “selling points”, but it means a lot more when one of your existing clients say it for you.”
  2. Her testimonial is very specific. She mentions exactly what she took away from the course.
  3. There’s nothing shady about her testimonial. Because I had the balls to put her actual name and company, you know she’s real. Would you agree that it’s more credible than if I had put “Deirdre M” instead?
  4. I tied it to a really clear cut call to action. There’s no guesswork as to what I’d like for you to do next.

Your mileage will obviously vary, this reflects MY experience with using a testimonial.

There’s no rocket science here folks. and I’m pretty sure, you’ve always known, that using testimonials are an option.

The million dollar question is . . . Are you using them as part of your sales efforts?

Just as an FYI, testimonials are one of 12 types of “evidence” I recommend that you use to reduce/eliminate doubt with your prospects.

I go into great detail during our Prospect Like A Pro course.

Hope you’ll join us!

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