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What's Your Message To Your Potential Clients?

Posted February 17, 2016


It doesn’t matter if you’re calling, emailing, sending something in the mail etc, you can’t keep sending a message that’s either driving at an appointment or for them to buy!

It gets old really fast and you’ll find that that you’ve conditioned your potential client to NOT take your call, open your email or respond to you in any way.

And why would they?

I’m sure you just gave me a head nod on that one but if we listened to a tape of your calls, read through your emails etc, I bet you we’d find that your messaging lacks something that keeps them listening . . .


Continually asking someone to buy or to meet with you, typically doesn’t add value unless they’re bleeding and you have the tourniquet!

Even still, most people don’t realize they’re bleeding so good luck with that approach!

When it comes to your messaging, how about . . .

Sending along a no strings attached resource like a useful app, article, website, eBook, study etc

Calling or emailing to offer an idea or suggestion

Inviting them to an event

Introducing them to someone they should know

The idea is to condition the recipient to find your messaging valuable enough to allow you to “court them”.

Now we can’t make every interaction a “freebie”, nor should we create a situation where we become “friend zoned”.

We just need to make our messaging valuable enough, that the recipient will continue to hear us out.

When was the last time you taped your end of your calls and reviewed the emails you’re sending?

Awareness is always the first step 🙂

We talk about how to create high value messaging in our Prospect Like A Pro course.

Have you downloaded the course yet?

If not, here’s what you’ll discover once you enroll . . .

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