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How To Master A Joint Sales Meeting

Posted August 1, 2021

Did you ever see those clichéd scenes in the movies where they show a flashback and the dude having the flashback is doing this elongated “NO”  as the whole world goes to crap around him?

That’s how I felt when my Sales Manager would go on joint sales calls with me!

Between the constant judging and his need to talk over me in these meetings, I wanted to secretly train his 3 year old to “Punch Daddy in the zipper”

While my wish never came true, I did get a chance to really perfect the joint sales calls I went on with reps as I moved up the corporate food chain.

Here are a few thoughts to consider:

1)   Define everyone’s role. Who’s taking the lead? Who’s presenting and when?  Sales Reps: If this is in fact your appointment, you need to take charge of this and let everyone know their role. Sales Manager’s:  Its their appointment so stop taking the damn keys!

2)   If people are coming in from out of town for the meeting: I have a non negotiable rule “Don’t even think about heading to the meeting right from the airport” I want them in the night before. I don’t need late flights, people rushing from airports, wrinkled suits, and plane stank screwing up my game. I’m dead serious about this rule and have even told it to CEO’s. My account, my rules!

3)   I don’t like “Us vs Them” seating arrangements. No barriers! To that end, I like to have us all spread out around the table. One reason for this is because I want eye contact with my team.

4)   Have a code word or phrase like a cough where you quickly say “shut the hell up” if you need to interject something. Seriously, I have such a cool code I use with my team. If they need my assistance they simply say “Paul, is there anything you’d like to add?”

One last thought . . .

I tried to include a few ideas in this blog post for both virtual and face to face meetings.

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