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I’d Like For You To Reconsider . . .

Posted December 2, 2018

For those of you who are too busy to attend our How To Find The Time To Prospect webinar this Thursday, December 6th, at 11:30 am EST;

I’d like for you to reconsider and here’s why . . .

For starters, you REALLY need this training because chances are, you aren’t prospecting enough and;

You have no clue how you can get it (or more of it) on your busy schedule!

Next, my guess, is that if you counted the amount of times you said “I’m too busy to prospect” this year, it would blow your mind!

If you were to put a dollar amount on the opportunities you lost because you were “Too busy”, you’d probably want to stop right here and crawl into a bottle of tequila!

Actually, when you consider the fact that you’ll most probably continue this habit in 2019 (unless you do something about it), you’ll probably want a second bottle!

And finally, in a addition to the live webinar, we’re going to record it so you can view it at a more convenient time.

It’s funny how people MAKE THE TIME to go to the gym but they WON’T MAKE THE TIME to build their sales muscles.

And if I really wanted to continue with the rant (which I obviously do);

It’s funny how we invest in other entities via our 401k but refuse to invest in our self!

So please have a look at what I have planned for you and RECONSIDER!

Here’s what we’re going to discuss;

  • The one thing that steals 25% of a sales rep’s time and how YOU can steal it back!
  • How to instantly become MORE productive WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to get MORE prospecting time on your calendar WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to blow off unnecessary meetings WITHOUT being a jerk.
  • How to use drive time/travel time to your advantage.
  • The 3 sales activities you can easily automate to save tons of time.
  • A plan to ROCK your prospecting efforts and a plan to ROCK those efforts when you’re super busy!


December 6th at 11:30 am EST.

What Do You Get?

(1) 90 Minute Webinar


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