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Is It The “Week End" Or Merely A Continuation?

Posted September 29, 2011

I love technology in fact this blog comes to you because of technology.

You know and interact with The Sales Playbook brand because of technology and . .

Hopefully you are getting to know me because of technology.

But there are times when it gets in the way.

It keeps us 24/7 . . .

when 24/5 might suffice! 🙂

Think back to the 18 year old version of YOU.

That dude/dudette lived for the weekend . . . because back in those days the week ended and didn’t continue!

Then you grew up, grabbed what experts call a crap load of responsibility and combined that with the technology to keep the week continuing . . . instead of ending!

String enough of those together and I believe we’ve just defined TREADMILL!

I will be the first to confess that some of my weekends or more like week continuations but I’m aware of it, and do what I can.

How about you?

Will there be a Week End or a Week Continuation?

The next 2 questions are more difficult . . .


Does it really have to be that way?

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