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The Law Of "The Good Thing"

Posted September 29, 2011

There’s an old sales axiom that states “The best time to make a sale is right after you made a sale”


Because you’re feeling like you could rip freakin bumpers off of cars and

You aren’t walking after you make a sale . . . You’re flying!

And that’s when your body armor is its strongest and . . .

That’s when your mojo is screaming “I rock and you can to if you buy from me!”

This isn’t exclusive to sales!

It should happen any time a good thing comes your way.

Just received some good news?

Something cool happening in your life?

Just got an “Atta Boy” or “Atta Girl”

Then you need to embrace the law of the good thing and . . .

Turn yourself into a “Good thing generating mofo” by . . .

Picking up that phone

Taking action

And refusing to settle for one victory!

Bonus points if you become a catalyst for others to embrace the law of the good thing!

… and never miss a beat!
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