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You Pay "The Price" Either Way!

Posted September 28, 2011

One of the highest compliments I get on this website comes in the form of one of my readers recommending my training services to their boss.

In an ideal world, I’d get a thumbs up every time but you and I know life doesn’t work that way.

One of the most troubling rejections I get from time to time is in the form of an organization not willing to invest in their employees.

As someone who lost everything he had financially 16 years ago, I’m sensitive to simply not having the money but . . .

I have a hard time with having the funds but lacking the priority.

The sad thing about it is that they pay the price either way!

Depending on who you ask, the cost of turnover for a sales professional can be anywhere from 150% – 300% and sales is a high turnover profession!

Investing in your team can lower that turnover dramatically.

Just for the heck of it, isn’t there a price that goes along with that turnover in the form of poor morale and in some cases, a bad reputation in the market place?

How about the cost of the opportunity a sales professional misses because they didn’t develop some areas that could have used some polish?

How about the cost of a manager’s time involved in having to spend extra time with someone who isn’t up to speed?

Pardon my French but there’s even a price we pay when we, as leaders get our ass chewed for not getting the results that are expected of us!

I could go on and on but here’s the bottom line . . .

The price is paid either way!

While its real easy to criticize companies who won’t invest in their employees, we can’t let ourselves off the hook!

It always amazed me how many of us invest in the stock market but we fail to invest in the surest thing on the planet . . . ourselves!

Before I offer a remedy let me put a disclaimer out there . . .

In case you haven’t noticed I sell training and coaching for a living and of course its in my best interest for you to leave this blog today a believer!

I was also on the “Invest In Yourself” soapbox long before I owned a training company!

Each month, for the better part of 15 years, I have reinvested a portion of my earnings back into ME.

Some months, it’s a $15 book, other months its been tools such as a digital voice recorder and as my income grew, I attended training programs, took on coaches from everything from public speaking to running a small business.

I did it without reimbursement because I knew I had to believe enough in myself . . . to invest in myself!

A little skin in the game never hurts gang!

By the way . . .

You are reading this blog today as a result of my willingness to invest in myself.

When I made my decision to rebrand Paul Castain back in 2008, all of this stuff was like a foreign language to me.

In order to get a handle on it, I invested in books, seminars, coaching, audio programs etc.

As good as its been for me and as grateful as I am that you are reading this today . . .

Either way there was I price I was going to have to pay!

The price of investing in ME or . . .

The price of hugging the status quo long enough for my competitors to come eat my lunch!

Today you are cordially invited to . . .

Pay The Price

Proactively and . . .

On Your Terms!

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