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10 Remedies For A Bad Day

Posted September 28, 2011

1)   Give The Matter The Attention It Deserves. Whenever nonsense shows its face in my life I won’t spend time thinking about it or dwelling on it . . . I simply move on. Granted there are some things that you can’t dismiss and that’s where items 2-10 will come in handy!

2)   Try To Find Humor . . . in either the event or just think about something funny to get you laughing. Can’t think of something? Why not listen to some comedy and while you’re at it, have a comedy playlist on your i-pod for those “Momma said there would be days like this” moments!

3)   Try Doing An Activity That Requires A High Level Of Focus: My Dad used to recite poetry. The focus took the focus off the bad day.

4)   Move! Motion creates emotion because certain types of movement release endorphins which create that “runners high”. You can walk, exercise, pace or moonwalk as I often do in the offices of Castain Training Systems.

5)   Engage Your Spiritual GPS! Certain things are simply beyond us and we need all the help we can get.

6)   Say “Thank You” I’ll preface this one with a firm “I know how difficult it can be to do this” We’re saying thank you because we are about to receive a lesson in something. Whether it be in dealing with a Grade A  A Hole or a lesson in keeping ourselves calm, cool and collated as my friends in the printing industry like to say!

7)   Go through a “Gratitude Inventory” Many of us have the bad habit of taking a “Screw You” inventory of everything that stinks in our life. A gratitude inventory gets you in into a frenzy of positivity!

8)   Talk With Someone! Vent and then shift the conversation to solutions!

9)   Ask Yourself Problem Solving Questions Such As “In what ways can I _______________?” “How can I turn this around?” “Who do I know that could help or offer advice?”

10)               Think And Use The Old “Start, Stop Continue” Framework! Ask yourself “What do I need to start doing to fix this?” “What do I need to stop doing to fix this?” “What should I continue doing to fix this?”

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