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It Takes Seconds But People Miss It

Posted September 28, 2011

Things are going way too fast these days and as a result, we miss little things and that’s really quite unacceptable.

Some examples . . .

We send an email to someone and in our attempt to keep it brief, we fail to use the recipient’s name . . . They have a name . . . Use it!

For those of you on Linkedin . . . Sending that God awful template invite. Take the extra few seconds to write a real invite.

For those of you on the receiving end of an invite . . . Take the few seconds to respond with a thank you for the invite.

Want to kick that up a notch?

Respond with a thank you and a cut and paste note listing other places you can connect.

Note: Just because the person sending you the invite didn’t take the extra few seconds to send a real invite it doesn’t excuse YOU from taking the extra few seconds to respond!

How about those thank you notes that we know we’re supposed to send but don’t?

Note: When was the last time you thanked an assistant for being helpful? How about an assistant who was very helpful during a prospecting call?

How about WOWING a client with a surprise?

Commenting on someone’s status update with genuine interest?

The final suggestion actually takes a few minutes strung together in the form of an obsession for the rest of you life . . .

Ask yourself . . .

What are the little things

The little touches

That you are missing.

Then you commit to taking action immediately on one or two or any amount of those little things that you feel you can manage.

And one more thing . . .

Stop looking for the big answer

The Big AHA

You’re passing way too many little things in that fruitless quest!

Your Turn . . . What other little things can we add to our list?

… and never miss a beat!
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