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The Anonymous Prospect

Posted September 27, 2011

A few weeks back, I did a podcast detailing the changes in the sales landscape.

One of the things that I mentioned is how prospects now like to begin (or continue) part of their information gathering anonymously meaning . . .

First the obvious (Duh Paul) part:

They will visit our websites

Check product/service review sites such as Yelp, The Better Business Bureau etc

They will “Google” our company


Then there’s the part that many of us might be missing (I certainly did prior to November 2008)

They also check us out.

Note: My definition of “us” is you and I as the individual not “us” as another way of saying “our company”

They will “Google” us.

They will check the social networking platforms.


They will look to see what we’re all about

They will look to see what we look like.

Note: I don’t mean that in the context of some bad vibe. I mean it as in a new twist to the “face with a name” thing.

They are going to look to see if you have something to say about your area of expertise.

They will begin a process (most likely subconsciously) where you will be judged by 6 factors:

How you look

How you act

What you say

How you say it

Where you say it

With whom you say it

Why . . . Because its part of the trust process!

In fact it’s the old “People do business with people they know, like and trust”

But on steroids . . . thanks to the internet!

So if this “anonymous prospect” sees things they don’t like about us they would obviously pass and go to the next choice.

And to further our “Duh” moment together, if they like what they see then the trust process is accelerated . . . But . . .

What happens when the “anonymous prospect” never finds you because you are the . . .

“Invisible Sales Rep”

Or worse yet . . .

Find out enough about your competitor while you offer no online footprint.

Then the score begins and often ends something like this

Competitor: 1    You: 0

So if this were a radio station I guess I would sign off by saying . . .

“This one goes out to all the ‘anonymous sales people’ who still ‘don’t get’ the importance of having an online footprint.”

Then I’d play a really cool tune called . . .

“Google yourself to see what your prospect sees”

Today is your tap on the shoulder.

Things have changed and . . .

They keep changing whether you and I get it or not!

For those of you who would like to kick up your Linkedin skills a notch or three, I will be conducting a webinar “Networking Socially Through Linkedin” It will be 45 minutes of strategies, tips and (of course) some fun along the way. Make sure you sign up today!

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