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Looking At Your Week Suspiciously!

Posted September 24, 2011

Its funny how we humans are creatures of habit.

On Monday we go to work as we have always done.

We’ll go to meetings and meet with clients as we have always done.

And so on

And so on

And so on

Before you jump back onto that treadmill, you had better look at your week and get really freakin suspicious as in . . .

What are you missing with regard to that meeting with a prospect or client?

Is there something you could have researched better?

Planned better?


And don’t limit that suspiciousness to clients and prospects . . .

Look at your entire week.

Go from a mindset that you are missing something, somewhere . . .


That’s how you become impeccable my friend and once you get done looking at your business suspiciously . . .

Take a look at your relationships . . .

What are you missing?

Suspiciously Yours

Paul Castain

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