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When Prospects Are “Not Interested”

Posted September 23, 2011

So there you are knee deep in your prospecting activities and then it happens . . .

You get the finality of a “Not Interested!”

How the heck do you respond to that?

First, let me point out some rebuttals you may have heard along with my thoughts.

“What aren’t you interested in . . . I haven’t told you what I do”

The only thing that serves is your ego unless of course you get that rare 1 out of 7 million who finds getting pissed off sufficient grounds to grant you an appointment.

“I’m sure you’re not interested . . . If you were you would have called me”

My challenge with this one is that you have to execute just right or you really come across sarcastic.

“I understand how you feel. Others have felt the same way but I’m using the old ‘feel, felt, find’ one size fits all monkey style kung fu on you”

I’m not dignifying this one with a response . . . not on my blog!

I could go on and on but here’s another way you could handle it.

“Why don’t we get together anyway. I have some ideas that would really speak to (fill in the blank with something specific from your pre call research)”

Couldn’t come up with anything good in your pre call research?

“Why don’t we get together anyway. I have some ideas that could impact (fill in the blank with the areas your product or service impact)”

“Why don’t we get together anyway. I have some ideas that typically result in (fill in the blank with some appropriate percentages such as an 18% reduction in ________ or a 10 billion percent increase in over exaggeration)

One last thing to consider . . . Just for the heck of it, tape record your end of the conversation and do a little self analysis.

Perhaps the real challenge is that you aren’t being compelling enough for them to actually . . . be interested!

Your turn . . . What are your thoughts on the “Not Interested” Objection?

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