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My 3 Step “Objection Buster” Formula (And The Step Most Reps Miss Completely)

Posted November 8, 2018

When it comes to making cold calls, objections can shut us down mighty quick!

There’s a simple, 3 step formula I teach my coaching clients and as important as the first 2 steps are;

MOST reps miss the third step completely.

The third step is;

Redirect BACK To The “ASK”

If you’re like me, your “ask” is for an appointment to either meet face to face or;

A discovery call.

Sounds awfully basic, but when you look at how most reps tackle a phone objection they;

“Handle” the objection and then go silent!

Why would you ever go through all the trouble of “handling” an objection;

Only to give the person on the other end of that phone;

An opportunity to reload and fire another objection at you!

So my advice is simple;

“Handle” the objection the way you normally would and then;

Redirect back to your “ask”.

If you’d like the template with ALL 3 Steps Of My Objection Buster Formula as well as my templates and tactics to avoid getting an objection in the first place;

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Here’s what I’m going to share;

  • 5 Ways To “Soften The Target” BEFORE You Make The Call.
  • How To Warm Up and How To Conduct A “Warm Up” Call.
  • 3 Ways To Perfect Your “Pitch”.
  • What You MUST Say In The First 8 Seconds Of Your Call.
  • How To Use The Preemptive Strike Tactic To Neutralize Objections.
  • How To Embrace The Power Of “Pattern Interrupts” While Cold Calling.
  • The 3 Step “Objection Buster” Formula.
  • How To Respond To Stalls Like “Send Me Some Information”, “Call Me Back Next Month, Next Quarter, After The Holidays”, Etc.
  • How To Respond To Typical Objections Such As “Not Interested”, “We Already Have A Vendor For That”, “We’re Under Contract”, “No Time To Meet”, “No Budget”.
  • An Exercise That Will Triple Your Responses To Typical Objections.


Friday, November 16th, at 11:30 am EST.

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