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How To Keep Your Prospect From Going Directly To The Pricing Page Of Your Proposal (Without Being an Ass)

Posted February 21, 2019

You hand a prospect a proposal and they immediately go to the ________ page?

You send a prospect a proposal and they skip all the other pages looking for ___________?

You get a gold star if you said “Pricing Page” and an all caps PLATINUM STAR if you realized that once they do that;

You’ve lost control!

So how do we establish BETTER control, WITHOUT being controlling?

Here are a few ideas.

If it’s just you and your prospect: Review ONE proposal together and then leave them a copy. YOU turn the pages and YOU go to the price page when the time is right.

If there’s a group of stakeholders you’re presenting to; Hand them all a copy of the proposal (having first removed the pricing page prior to the meeting).

I usually get a good laugh from the group because I wait until I see a few people with that confused, “Where the hell is the price page” look, and then I say (while holding a stack of price pages) “Let me guess, you’re all looking for the price page? I’m holding them hostage until we’ve reviewed everything and we know that your needs have been addressed”

If someone asks you to email your proposal (and reviewing face to face ISN’T an option); Present the highlights of the proposal via WebEx and send the proposal AFTER you’ve discussed it together.

You not only get to control the flow of information, you can also record and then review your “Game Tape” later. You can even send your prospect(s) a link to the recording for review and/or selling your program internally.

This is one of over 150+ tips we discuss during our Rock Star Academy Program.

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