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So Many Of Us Send Cold Emails But . . .

Posted December 14, 2018

So many of us send cold emails but;

Fail to differentiate from the TONS of other cold emails decision makers receive!

We sound the same.

Typically follow the same cadence and;

As a result we’re disregarded and deleted and yet;

Somehow, we think that just sending more emails fixes things. You know, the old “Sales is a numbers game” thing.

On Thursday, December 20th, at 11:30 am EST we’re going to change the way you send a cold email.

I’m going to share 70 of my BEST tactics and send you on your way with 50 of my BEST cold email templates!

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us;

  • 30 ways to find potential clients who are 400% more likely to buy NOW!
  • 4 ways to get email addresses WITHOUT spending a dime on email lists.
  • 50 different types of emails that I’m personally using to get results for my business. Oh, and I’m also going to send you the templates so you can begin using them immediately!
  • 12 subject line mistakes that you need to avoid. Keep making them and you’re hosed!
  • 12 BETTER subject lines that get your email read.
  • 12 ways to head off skepticism, doubt and objections.
  • One EPIC mistake, just about every sales rep makes, in the first 3 sentences of an email.
  • A really simple, 4 step messaging framework that gets results.
  • 2 Psychological techniques that work like a charm!
  • How to dramatically increase your response rate


December 20th at 11:30 am EST. Happy to send the webinar replay and all the resources listed below to all who can’t join us live.

Here’s What You Get . . .


(1) 90 minute training session

Replay Of The Webinar (In case you can’t join us live (or even dead) or you’d like to review the training again)

50 Email Templates

How Much?


Click HERE to reserve your spot!

“Paul’s advice and suggestions made an immediate impact on both my confidence and my business success. He’s armed me with so many tips and suggestions; I still haven’t been able to pursue them all!”

George Henderson, AccessIT Group, Inc.

“I took Paul’s email course and the value is unsurpassed. Well worth the investment.”

Jim Lesko, President, Lesko Industries Inc


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